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Graffiti in Touch

In today's world, communication switches to virtual sphere. Man spends all day at the computer. Works, is reading, learns and communicates. Social networks are the main platform for communication of young people of the 21st century. “VKontakte” brings together many millions of Russian people, who do not just talk, but also decorate the pages and pages of friends cute pictures.

The question arises: how beautiful to draw graffiti, and cool wallpaper paste on the wall another? let's get a look, how to do it, provided, that among us are not professional artists, and instead of spray paint in the hands of a mouse and keyboard?

Several way of showing off graffiti in Touch

If you have a tablet, and you have the makings of an artist, create an image for a contact does not amount to much trouble. But what to do, when the tablet at hand was not?

Difficult to draw a mouse, but perseverance is possible. Tell us about a clever way.

  1. To draw graffiti on the page contact, the last to do transparent. To do this, download the appropriate program, you will find, by driving in the search for a combination of: “”transparent page, download”.
  2. With this program, adjustable window transparency to the desired stage.
  3. For the transparent window open picture graffiti, we would like to draw, and using italics translate silhouettes transparent portion. The future picture will get the effect of drawing by hand.
  4. You can download a different program, which will allow to transfer the entire picture on the screen and you need to make the rest of the editorial correction. The most popular among such programs is VKPaint. In some programs you can dorisovyvat elements, making signatures and send them to friends on the wall.
  5. The most sophisticated way of, how to draw graffiti – make an outline in the point technique with a mouse. Then he was transferred to their page.
  6. Get the picture to paint better than fine brush. Its transparency should not exceed thirty percent.

Do not be afraid to experiment with colors and shapes. Without thinking, how to draw graffiti in Touch, Members obtained amazing drawings, and are not ashamed to give to friends and at the exhibition show.

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