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varieties thermometers Basal temperature - is the body's temperature at rest after a minimum of 6 hours of sleep. For each phase of the menstrual cycle, this figure varied. This is due to hormonal changes, place in the female body in a given period.

How to measure basal temperature, I know not all women. To conduct such a functional test can each independently of the fair floor. This simple method is based on the temperature influence of progesterone on the thermoregulatory center, which is located in the hypothalamus.

Schedule of basal body temperature - composition and mission

Phase on the graphWith properly compiled schedule basal temperature can predict the phase of the menstrual cycle when needed, as well as to find out the possible deviations from the norm.

The ability to measure the basal temperature will allow:

  • to determine the most favorable and dangerous days to conceive a baby. This is due to the prediction of ovulation, that is, a mature ovum release, ready for fertilization of the ovarian follicle into the abdominal cavity,
  • to determine pregnancy in the early stages of the menstrual cycle delay,
  • possible reason for the delay of the menstrual cycle: pregnancy, absence or late ovulation,
  • Possible reasons for infertility,
  • the sex of the baby.

Rules of measurement of basal body temperature

Measuring basal temperature correctly, you can get answers to many questions. Not all women know, how to measure basal temperature. Those skilled in this case recommended to initially understand, that regardless of the results, this is no reason for self-diagnosis and self-medication. Unscramble schedule of basal temperature should only qualified gynecologist.

Measurement of basal body temperature in the mouthAlso, do not make conclusions transient. To obtain more accurate data is required to take into account at least three menstrual cycles. From basic measurement of basal body temperature regulations physicians isolated:

  1. To conduct this procedure should be the first day of menstruation, otherwise the schedule will not capture the full dynamics of change.
  2. Measure basal temperature may be in the mouth, the anus, in the vagina. Many doctors believe, that the most reliable method - anus. This technique gives the smallest error, in comparison with other methods. In the mouth, should measure about temperature 5 minutes, in the rectum and the vagina - about three minutes. When measuring the temperature at one point, It is not recommended during the subsequent measurement of the length change and the location of the thermometer. Measurement of mouth, in the vagina, and then in the rectum allowed to make an incorrect schedule. It is impossible to measure the basal temperature under the arm.
  3. Take measurements should be at the same time, better to do it in the morning, After sleep, without getting out of bed.
  4. You must use only one thermometer - mercury or digital. When using a mercury thermometer, Before each use, it is necessary to shake.
  5. After the measurement, should immediately record the results, while making notes in case, if something could have an impact on these figures: flight, physical exercise, alcohol, stress and other factors.

Basal temperature can be measured by tests, which are sold in a pharmacy. They allow you to accurately determine the time of ovulation, and other states of the female body. In this way, measure basal temperature needed:

  • to determine the length of the menstrual cycle,
  • to determine ovulation,
  • to identify pathology,
  • to notice hormonal shifts.

About 80% cases, this procedure is carried out to determine the ovulation or pregnancy. This is the most affordable method of determining ovulation, which is analyzed in conjunction with other indicators, for example, with a dedicated character.

Regardless of the availability of this method, Not all women can find out, how to measure basal temperature. Someone forgets to carry out measurements in the desired days, some girls make mistakes due to incorrect use of the thermometer.

medical value

The meaning of measurement of basal body temperature is the need to determine the lowest body temperature. These indicators are observed during sleep. But since it is impossible to conduct such a procedure in this period, so doctors recommend to measure the basal temperature after sleeping.

Medically, This procedure is, that prior to ovulation in the female body is much estrogen. After this process increases progesterone content, because of which the temperature rises during the second phase of the cycle on 0,25-05 degrees.Map filled with data

As for the procedure for the measurement of basal body temperature, it consists in immersing the thermometer in one of these places. In this case, the thermometer must be separate, which was not used for measuring temperatures in influenza. It must be slowly and deeply into the hole on the 5-6 minutes. If you are using an electronic thermometer, then you have to wait for the beep. This is not to make any movement. Otherwise, Body temperature rises.

People, whose restless sleep, can measure the basal temperature in the morning or at night. The gaps between the rise of the bed should be at least 3-4 hours. To conduct such a procedure should be every day throughout the cycle.

interpreting data

Another important point, How to measure the basal temperature is the correct interpretation of the data. Doctors recommend to simultaneously graph and table. The last item to enter data, made notes, and other information. The graph also allows clear and timely detection of temperature jumps. Draw a graph and a table easily in a notebook in a cage. Table is drawn considering, that line - days of the month, and bars - digital data measuring basal body temperature.

As for the graphics, then it will be much easier. Horizontal designated date, and vertically - temperature behavior. One cell - this one day. After checking the measurement of basal body temperature during the day or night, preceded by a point opposite numbers from the intersection of the day measurement. as a result, marked points connected by a line.

types of charts

There are several types of graphics:

  • the most frequent. Under this option, in the first half of the cycle woman sees, that she had normal lower figures. Measuring basal body temperature held below. In the middle of the cycle seen a sharp jump in performance, which varies 0,3-0,4 degrees. After the jump, these indicators do not change until the end of cycle,
  • estrogen-progesterone failure - when the basal temperature is measured in the mouth and swings associated with the quantitative ratio of hormones, then a curve. When this data is racing 0,2 degrees, indicating that the estrogen-progesterone error,
  • step or mnogopodemny - basal temperature is measured with an electronic thermometer. In the first half performance low, Further there is a race. At this level, the figures are kept for several days, further rise a few degrees, and do not change until the end of the cycle,
  • a gradual or smooth - no jumps in this schedule, the temperature rises smoothly throughout this cycle,
  • return - in the measurement of basal body temperature in the afternoon, you may receive false data. allowed, that the figures may slightly rise in a single day, and the next day - snizhutsya to its original level.

Anyway, schedule consists of two periods: reduced performance (Hypo), increased rates (hyper). In ascertaining, how to measure basal temperature, need to consider, that the first phase lasts 11-12 days. In this case, figures vary between 36,2-36,7. Next on 12-13 rates are falling day 0,2 degrees. then on 14-16 days of ovulation indicators do not change. Compared with the first phase, second cycle at rates above 0,4-0,6 degrees.

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