How to change the page layout in Odnoklassniki?

With the development of human civilization have changed and improved methods of data transmission. In the Middle Ages they were couriers or pigeons. Later, there were postal services, who were involved in the delivery of letters and postcards. After the invention of the telegraph, message rate has increased many times.

Making the design of the page

Making the design of the page

A huge leap forward in the field of communication occurred with the advent of the Internet. Now it does not matter, where in the world the user is located - a deciding factor was the presence of the computer and connect to the World Wide Web.

Online chat and social networks

Internet is developing at an incredible rate, It is becoming an integral part of modern society. Computerization has affected all spheres of human life. It became possible to live chat users through various services, such as Skype or ICQ.

Besides, in recent years become very popular, both domestic, and international social networks, unite millions of users around the world.

One of them is Classmates. What offers this resource and what is its feature? By registering on the site, any person gets unlimited access to a huge array of information, which provide network users.

Data exchange occurs, both on the forums, and directly to the users' personal pages. In fact, each such page is the face of a social network, that inspired the creators to create different templates, allowing her to decorate and make it more attractive.

How to decorate a classmate or a little about the resource opportunities

Template designers are engaged directly in social networks. At this time, account holders are invited over forty different page layouts.

To use this feature, simply log on to their page and click the mouse on rainbow circles, which is located in the upper right corner of the page. After that, the link will be displayed "Decorate your page», click on it and the system automatically transfers to a page template samples.

remains, Just select desired interface and click on the "Install" button. With the option "Choose different division" can be in a slide show to view all the available samples.

To remove your profile the same screen you must use the same button and select the, the, What we liked. In the creation of templates take not only developers, but, and the administrators group, who promptly react to users' requests.

To decorate your page in the group needs to perform the same actions, which are described in the preceding paragraph. The only difference is only in the, that floats on the user request link "Decorate your group", after clicking on that, It opens a window with a catalog of different topics.

How to decorate Classmates, as well as the, how to change the design name?

in brief, the process is quite simple:

  • To gain the desired characters, press Alt and use the numeric keypad to dial the code, which corresponds to a particular character.
  • For the second method you have to use Microsoft Word in menu "Insert" click "Symbol". After that, the symbol table is displayed on the screen. To set them, use double click. The selected characters are copied and transferred to your page in Odnoklassniki.
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