How to change login in Touch?

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How to change login in Touch

Each of Internet users rarely change passwords and logins. The reasons for this can be many. From a Forgotten Password, to change the mailbox, from breaking the page to select a new login.

Anyway, the question of, how to change username in Touch, decide. True recently social networking administration have been adjusted in the procedure, and this may be difficult to change the login.

To properly change the data and not to lose in the contact page, read our instructions and act with confidence.

How to change login?

  1. For, To change the login in Touch, the user must enter the page “My settings”, link which is located on the main profile page.
  2. In the menu “My settings” to find the “General”tab.
  3. Once tab, lystayte down list, until you find the blue button “Save email address”. If you register your phone, you'll need a button to “Change phone number”.
  4. If you're going to change your password, but forgot the previous, may be difficult. If you change the private data, You must enter the old password before the new version of its double. therefore, first change the address of the login, so if something happens, get a copy of the old password to a valid address.
  5. To change the e-mail address, in the relevant row, enter the new address and click “Save changes”. From this point on, all information of the contacts will be sent to the new email address. But you need to go to the post office and click on the link, confirming the change primary address – login.
  6. To change the login in Touch, consisting of a phone number, you need to in the configure tab, click “Change phone number”. Fill all highlight the field and wait for an SMS to a new number with a verification code. This code you make in a row before activating the new number, login Contact.

If you have something does not happen on the first try, Try to repeat all the steps again. In the case of emerging issues on the topic: how to change username in Touch, contact technical support site, or reread our instruction.

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