How to change the language in Skype

Как изменить язык в Skype

In Skype, you can choose the language of any of these countries, and not only

language program is usually set during installation. If this was not done, the program will be installed in English (default). In this case, it is more convenient for many users to change the language to Russian. Below we give instructions, how to do it.

How to change language on Skype to Russian

  • In the main window you need to select Tools
  • In the menu, select Change Language
  • In the list that appears on the right to choose Russian (Russian)

The program interface will be instantly translated into Russian.

How to translate Skype into English

For, to change the language of Skype from Russian to English is necessary to do the same work:

  • select the tab Instruments
  • Move the cursor to the item Change the language
  • In the list on the right to choose English (English)

How view, change of language on Skype - a fairly simple and quick affair. In exactly the same way, you can select any other language.

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