How to change the name in the contact?

Membership in touch and decided to change his name? After all, it happens, that I want to change the name to something more interesting. Or maybe it will not at all the name, a nickname or call one of movie characters. But is there a possibility of changing its name to contact? Of course, such a possibility is present! And now we will tell you in detail, how to change the name in the contact.

Change the name of Vkontakte

Change the name in the contact

approval requests

During his visit to the page you need to go to the tab "My Settings", located in the left panel. Going down below, you will see the option "Rename". And still below will point to the edit page, here it is, and we need.

Once you finished with the changes, do not forget to press the save button. It is worth noting, that before the name change has been available for voice, but now this opportunity is absolutely free. But not everyone knows, that at the name, you can also change add your nickname, which is a reflection of your mood, state of mind or other characteristics. And because of this, you can change the name of a countless number of times, depending on your mood.

But sometimes to change their data requires the approval of the application by the moderator. But how many have to wait, while the application will be considered? It all depends on, how loaded moderators, it can be 1 an hour or 3 o'clock. Did you know, that the database stores all the names , are changed for all time the existence Profile? maybe, To some it may seem strange, but the way it is. One day I decided to return to its original name in the contact, Contact Technical Support. But I do not even have to write additional letters, like me back the old name and surname.

And they instantly returned to my real initials, which I did not use more than a month. Some may wonder, they learned their? Probably, on their servers stores all the information about the user, including the names of the editing history.

Is it possible to cheat the system?

Many users are wondering: how to change the name in the contact on fake? Can I cheat moderators? Yes, it is possible and you are required to scan the document, which is the identity card. And for cheating moderator You will need the skills of editing photos in your photo editor, eg, Photoshop. And for the experiment, I decided to take a photo of your passport and easily edit the data. As a result, the application was approved by the moderator and the name of the name was changed to fake. But a few days later I was contacted by technical support specialists, I apologized for making a mistake, returned the old name, asking not continue to commit such acts. But if you edit a photo quality, it is quite possible this process and work.

manual processing features

Each application for a name change goes through the manual processing procedures. Therefore
way a living person decides, whether your request is justified. It is not excluded, that check may be delayed for a day or two, tk. all applications are in the general list, and selected randomly. And if it's not a rumor, some applications can be viewed for a month, while others just once. If the application will cause the moderator questioned, he asks supporting documents, it can be:

  • Driver's license
  • Passport
  • Military ID

If the name change will require confirmation, then the application will be formalized through a separate form. AT 2009 year for a short time was introduced the ability to change the name with the help of votes. After that, the data has been changed, voice returned back to their rightful owner. But now this system is abolished.

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