How to change hair color in Photoshop?

About tom, how to change hair color in Photoshop, will learn, How interesting to learn and men, and women. Girls love to experiment with their looks, but not solved at each change in appearance. Photoshop allows the ladies to "look into the future", discover, how it will look with a particular hairstyle. Men also change hair color in Photoshop can be useful, eg, if he wants to make an original card or a bright collage for your favorite. Knowledge are not redundant, and additional skills in Photoshop would not want.

How you can change hair color in Photoshop?

methods, how to change hair color in photoshop – a few. The process itself can be divided into two stages. First stage- it highlighted hair, second- selection and change of hue. To save some typing, select a photo, where the hair is not very disheveled. Then, it is not so easy to work, and then, they are paid.

  1. Open the photo in Photoshop. Unlock layer.
  2. Select tool to select the hair- pen, brush, or lasso. For beginners is better to take the polygonal lasso tool- using it will be easier to isolate the strands of any thickness. This allows you to put a lasso point locations to trace, so working with them is a snap.
  3. Now the most difficult and tedious- it is necessary to carefully select the path hairstyles.
  4. finished? Now take rest, look, that you got, and podpravyte, if necessary. Next, create a new layer, still selected. Select this layer with another color and fill.
  5. Make a new layer invisible, click on it while holding ctrl key. So you've got the selection menu volos.V select Image - Adjustments - Hue / Saturation, open the slider. Now everything depends on you. By adjusting the slider, observe the results. As soon as you get, what they wanted, Click OK favorite.

The advantages of working in Photoshop

Unlike online services change photos, Photoshop effect can not be overestimated. Work in photoshop is interesting and exciting. knowing, how to change hair color in Photoshop, you can save money on a trip to the beauty salon – now you will know for sure, are you any color, or not. You will pick up a paint for hair easily, if you need to "urgently" to paint the head to which any event. You can experiment with shades, "Playing" sliders, settings and lines, Contrast can be adjusted. Photoshop offers you all the tools, that will help to do so, that hair will look quite realistic. It is always interesting to learn something new, so try themselves both stylist and photographer.

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