How to get rid of spam?

For most people,, owning the initial skills to use the Internet and mobile phone, at least once, But the question arises: how to get rid of spam - unsolicited mass distribution of information, that occurs without their consent.

The term "spam" has appeared in the 30s of the twentieth century. and originally meant annoying ads canned meat «Spiced Ham» ("Acute ham") - abbreviated as SPAM, stocks are meant the expiration date it was urgent to implement after the Second World War. Hence the definition of unauthorized intrusive advertising messages.

Spam can be just hype goods or services, and may contain viruses, links to malicious sites, which pose a threat to your computer. That is why you need to get rid of spam as soon as possible.

How to get rid of spam in e-mail

Spam protection

Spam protection

Sometimes e-mail informs the user when filling out an application for opening of various stores of discount cards, when serving Internet ads, registration sites. If in this case to obtain information undesirable, you can go on the proposed letter at the end of the link and unsubscribe from advertising. Harder is the case with newsletters, coming against the will of the user. But in this case it is possible to get rid of spam, if not entirely, then at least partially.

To do this,:

  • put the filter and put in the spam list of recipients,
  • report spam, then the server will automatically create a black list,
  • not to open emails, marked as spam mail resources,
  • not to leave his email address on each resource, where you have to register. To do this, you can create another mailbox or graphic of address, encode it using JavaScript, to offer feedback or come up with a custom nick.

How to get rid of spam in "VKontakte" social network

Activity spammers in social networks can also limit:

  • To enable the privacy settings of your page.
  • When you receive a message or post, Similar to spam, click "Report abuse".
  • Not to disclose the username and password of your account in the response message, the resource administration. This action is prohibited by the rules of the user agreement in almost all networks.
  • Do not send text messages to offer.
  • To configure antivirus software at work and periodically update it, check your computer for viruses.
  • Use a complex password for login. It should consist of letters and numbers. If access to the social network made from another computer, upon completion of the work do not forget to click on the button "Exit".
  • Frequently change the mailbox password, which is tied to the network.

Sometimes it happens hacking user accounts, its freezing and the inability to come to your page. In this case, we need a more thorough check:

  • the hosts file, to open it with Notepad,
  • to check the registry,
  • check your computer for viruses,
  • to change the emails and passwords of your page in the network.

How to get rid of spam SMS messages

Spam comes not only to e-mail or social networking page, but also in private messages owners of cell phones. If the subscriber has subscribed to the newsletter itself advertising, then turn off the flow of information can be boring, Contact your service provider. If the user does not subscribed to promotional emails, and they go against his wishes, the question arises: how to get rid of spam SMS messages? It is possible to do so:

  • activate the "Black list", poised in his phone numbers of providers, whose messages are treated as spam;
  • do not reply to such messages, because the answer will help fraudsters to withdraw money from the account of the answering party.

The State Duma plans to consider amendments to the Federal Law "On Telecommunications". It is assumed, advertising SMS – mailing to subscribers of cellular communication will take place exclusively at their request. Operators to provide a definition of "spam" concepts and the ability to filter content by a number of features.

Anyway, so that the user no question: how to get rid of spam in e-mail, in social networks and in SMS messages, you need to be careful and picky when filling out their data on the Internet resources in the different type of surveys.

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