How to Get Rid of Ants in the house?

Throughout his adult life, a person is constantly in the fight against insects. Everytime, getting rid of one species, replaced as the law comes the second and third kind of small "backbiters". And nothing, if such "rodents" did not spoil the furniture, We do not create an unpleasant appearance of the apartment or private home. And also did not result in unusable food. It is the most angry person and forcing every time get in the way of their removal, or complete destruction.
As for the ants, according to recent polls sociologists they occupy second place after the cockroaches. Once in the apartment of a sewage or ventilation ducts, These small insects begin to multiply rapidly and bring a lot of trouble by owners. Besides Ants are active carriers of diseases. surely the question: "How to Get Rid of Ants in the house?"– many people are interested in.

Chemical methods of getting rid of ants

To date, for the control of ants had developed a variety of chemicals, from pellets and ending with all kinds gels. SUMMARY granules is, what poison, getting food inside the ant, It has a devastating effect on him. As a result - every morning lifeless black spots throughout the house or apartment.
Second meaning is, what a gelled portions of ants do not come close. Gels have on the ants repulsive action, whereupon the insects are afraid to come to the "dangerous" for their territory.
Recent advances in the control of cockroaches, certainly, It is the electric repeller, which by means of electric waves and sound, perceived only by insects, It takes them away from the house or apartment.

Homemade ways of getting rid of ants

Get Rid of Ants in the house to help and "old wives' advice, which are the cheapest means, and in some cases - even more effective.
So, mixing 50 g water, 50 g sahara, 6 g of borax and a pinch of vanilla, ant bait can be done. I tried only once such a "sweets", ants, is not exactly be able to move away from her. Using this method it is possible to effectively produce a “cleaning” in the house.
Repel ants and the smell of garlic, onions and parsley, Therefore, in the active areas of their campaigns can be decomposed into these components.
If we remember the lessons of biology in school, the ants are always moving on the same path. Based on this, possible using conventional vegetable oil, spilled on their "path", block their route, padded in your apartment.
Anyway, if your house, except for relatives and close friends, settled yet and ants, should not delay their removal to the "later". Get Rid of Ants, you can, using as the means at hand, and shoplifting chemicals, which are already a few days completely evacuated the apartment from intruders.

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