How to use proxy

Proxy server – a special utility, designed specifically for computer networks. It allows Internet users to access network resources. can say, that proxy acts as an intermediary between the client (computer) and Web Resources. In this article, let's talk about, how to use a proxy server, and why it is needed.

How to use proxy. designation

Most often, active Internet users use a proxy server for the following purposes: provide anonymous work in networks, protect your computer from malicious attacks , increase the speed of loading pages, save outgoing traffic. Consider in particular every opportunity.

proxy server

proxy server

  1. PageSpeed. Some species have a remarkable proxy function, which allows you to record material, Loading earlier on this computer. for example, if you searched for a video on YouTube, and then close the page, but it has not been a long time, then you can re-play the video, without wasting bandwidth and time to download. This is because, that the proxy server is to save the data in the short-term memory. Important, that information remains exactly the same, tk. at the slightest change will fail and data loss.
  2. Security and anonymity. As you know, These two functions are in close contact. It should be a little deeper into the technical details of the process, to more accurately understand, how to use a proxy server in order to increase security. The fact, the server or site, to which you want to get there gets all the information about your computer, including the ip address. But, If you use a proxy, it will act as a mediator, and then the server will have to address him, respectively, and the ip address can be changed to another. Many users use this feature, not only for, that no one knows about them, as well as for, to bypass some protection and a ban by ip.

How to use a proxy server. adjustment

  • To start using the Proxy, you will need some initial information: port, address, password and login (if required). by the way, Free list of available servers and you can easily find on the Internet. To do this, simply enter the request in a typical search engine.
  • Setting a bit different, depending on the browser, you are using. Therefore, let us consider a few small instructions. Let's start with Mozilla FireFox. Go to the basic settings of the browser, then click on the tab “More” and select the “Network”tab. Here please pay attention to the area with the link “Customize” and click it. Near label “Manual proxy configuration” put a check mark. Now all you have to enter your data, that need to prepare in advance.
  • Opera. In this case, the setting is virtually identical. Go to General settings of Opera and click on the tab “Network”. Next, select “Proxy server” and enter new data.
  • Internet Explorer. Go to the menu “Service”, then click on “Internet options”. Scroll to “Connection” and go into it, in the opened window, click on the “network setup”. Next to the inscription “to Use your proxy server” check the box and enter the new information.
  • It remains to answer the question, how to use a proxy in Google Chrome. setting principle is no different from that, listed “Internet Explorer”. Go to the tab “Tools”, next, select “advanced settings” and click on “Change proxy settings”.

In this article you learned, how to use a proxy server, and why you need it.

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