How and how much to cook corn?

Before you begin the story about, how to cook corn, I would like to touch on a little subject choice for the preparation of this product. After all, corn - this delicacy. on, any vegetable you buy, and then cook, It depends on the satisfaction of these foods.
Corn is food and fodder. The second type is designed for animals. In fact, People can also use it. true, taste worse, than the food corn. Choose for yourself a young crude product. In most cases it intact and sell. Young corn has bright green leaves and tendrils of damp. Grains under the touch of a finger release juice. If everything is in order, buy.

How to cook corn on the cob?

Cooking corn on the cob - it is a classic and simple way of making this product.

  • Clear from corn leaves and tendrils.
  • Take a wide pot. At the bottom put leaves, and on top of corn. Cover with remaining leaves and cobs mustache.
  • Pour the water so, to ears hidden beneath. During cooking, add water should be, If it evaporates.
  • Close the pan with a lid and put on fire. Important: not salt!

How to cook corn?

Cooking time depends on the corn maturity. If corn is young, it will be enough 40 minutes. But the old product can be cooked several hours. While preparing corn, check it for readiness, pinching off seed and trying it. If it is soft, it is possible to turn off the stove.

How to cook corn in multivarka?

The house has multivarka? Then you will be useful to know, how to cook corn in it. There are two ways to prepare this dish.
The first. Cobs clean, put in a container, washed leaves and tendrils laid on top of the corn. Fill it with water to a peak on the bowl, expose time 15 minutes and all. Too little time for cooking? Yes. But, trust, this is enough, welded to corn.

Second. Deception Steam. We take an approved container. We put her corn, which was previously necessary to cut into bars and roll in seasoning of salt and spices. Spices use any, what like. Close the lid Multivarki. Set the time 30 minutes. Do not forget to pour some into a bowl of water.
On a note: corn is fed to the table hot. Before use, it is necessary to rub with salt and optional seasonings. Cooked foods stored in the refrigerator for two days. Before you cook corn, some housewives do not clean it, but because it is easier to release crude from the foliage, something varenuyu.

How to cook frozen corn?

To cook frozen corn:

  • boil water in an enamel pan, no added salt;
  • more corn can be broken into several parts, and if a little corn, then put the whole;
  • water should completely cover the maize, if you want it to be delicious, you can add a little milk or butter;
  • if there is frozen corn leaves, the Division, you can put them on the bottom of the pan, this will increase the taste;
  • When all laid, simmer until 30 minutes
  • after a predetermined period of time, check with a fork, if the grains are soft and pierced with a fork, so, she's ready
  • immediately remove the finished product from the water, sprinkle with salt, Spread with butter and cover with a towel, let it brew for a few minutes.

Now you can enjoy a delicious corn! Enjoy your meal!

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