How and with what to drink absinthe?

Absinthe - this is such a drink, which is famous, basically, among celebrities and members of various hangouts. Ordinary people are not very interested in absinthe. Why? Some people prefer other types of alcoholic beverages, and the other for the simple reason, they do not know, how to drink absinthe. This drink has a bitter taste, since this beverage composition includes from mugwort

How to drink absinthe green?

Since green absinthe - it's pretty strong alcohol, drink it must be cautiously. If you go through, it can then descend a strong hangover. Absinthe drink both in pure form, and diluted. Diluted novices in the use of this drink. So it is easier to drink.

The snack?

snack absinthe, if it does not dilute. Good addition to the drink - fruit. Green apples and citrus varieties. Drink pure absinthe should be cooled, and diluted - a little warm. Some drink it hot, but there is a risk of getting burned.

The diluted?

Girls prefer to drink diluted juice. If you want to increase the degree of intoxication, it is necessary to dilute the sugar or Sprite.

How to drink absinthe with sugar?

to understand, how to drink absinthe, diluting it with sugar, Two examples will suffice.

  1. A special spoon for absinthe, put a piece of sugar. Holding it over a glass with a drink, pouring cold water. Sugar dissolves and flows into the absinthe.
  2. A spoonful of sugar placed on the empty glass. Then, taking container with absinthe, skip the drink through a sugar, carefully poured into a glass. Then a piece of refined sugar, soaked with alcohol, it is necessary to set fire. The resulting caramel poured into a container with absinthe. Add cold water glass. In a ratio of water, sugar and absinthe plant, individual matter, as you like.

How to drink absinthe with Sprite?

This method is similar to the dilution of absinthe ritual. Take a glass and faceted glass. In a glass pour absinthe, and glass - Sprite. Absinthe should be warm, that is, set it on fire. Then hot drink sharply pour into a container with Sprite and cover empty glass, to flame extinguished. Everything should be done quickly. Now breathe vapors through a straw, little sliding glass top. All sniff, blowing absinthe. Glass cover with a cloth, tightly clutching their hand, behaves in a glass table, then a little hit them on the surface of the table. Thus absinthe mixed with Sprite. And now, We drink the drink in one gulp. Snack can be melted sugar, prepared simultaneously with the dilution procedure.

What serves absinthe?

If absinthe is no diluted, then serve it in a glass. The diluted drink is poured into a glass of plain, up to 100 g. If absinthe is ignited, it is necessary to pour into glasses with a thick bottom and walls. They should have a conical shape with an extension up and always warm. In this lesson on, how to drink absinthe, I came to an end. On a note When buying absinthe do not confuse it with an analog. This drink is bottled in dark bottles with a label, name that says so: Absinthe. And nothing else.

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