How and what to choose a hairstyle bob?

What is the purpose in hairstyles? Possible to transform the appearance. Haircuts and a lot of pilings, but she sometimes gets lost in this diversity, since it is difficult to choose a suitable model. Bob haircut will help solve this problem. There are various versions of this hairstyle, that suit any type of person and age.

Bob haircut at medium hair

Bob on medium length hair has many kinds. For this hairstyle is typical graduation. Bangs are not always present. But that it helps to hide facial imperfections. for example, high forehead can be hidden under a thick fringe. Bias for those, one broad face. The elongated strands torn rejuvenate appearance.
What else dignity haircut at medium hair? It can be in every one brush, received almost all of the options bob, tongs and tweak, make the hair wavy.
With this hairstyle can appear at business meetings and holiday parties. Many athletes prefer middle bob.

Bob haircut for short hair

For owners of fine hair short bob haircut - the best option hairstyles. Hair acquire volume and visually appear to be thicker. The main advantage of short haircut is, its length that terminates at the base of the neck and chin. At the bottom of hair does not have clear boundaries, and it looks like a multi-layer with smooth transitions. The presence of rounded bangs give additional volume effect.
In particular, this installation does not need a haircut. Due to application of mousse, foams, Special shampoos and conditioners hair will look lush and thick.

Cutting hair bob - bob

Bob haircut has long acquired the relevant. On this basis there is a lot of pilings. Now this hairstyle simply added modern elements, that make the square more than the original hairstyle.
What distinguishes the ordinary from haircuts bob bob? Graduations. Bob - square has several types of hairstyles.

  • Straight bob - bob. Smooth hairstyle with smooth edges.
  • Multi-layered bob. speed shearing. Suit owners of heavy thick hair.
  • Asymmetrical bob - bob. Mowing with a different hair length, sometimes oblique bangs. It looks like this. for example, the right side is short, and the left - a long.
  • long bob. This shearing for long hair can be smooth, and step.
  • A - Bob. In this model, the length of the oblique bangs coincides with the length of the front locks. Fits round face housewives.
  • Bob - fungus. This haircut was formerly called "Under the pot". A smooth transition to the front fringe strands makes the round head. For a woman with a long face - ideal.
  • disheveled bob. Strands of varying lengths.
  • Four of a Kind - a bob with bangs. Any version of the square with the obligatory bangs in different variations.
  • Bob - square with extension. The front strands remain long, and rear - short.

How view, bob haircut really diverse, It provides opportunities for choice. Any person can transform due bangs. Hide flaws will correctly selected model. Choose the hairstyle, you can use the computer or advice stylist.

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