How and what you can decorate a cake?

The cake will not look finished, if it does not decorate. Cakes from the store already decorated, but, usually, decoration looks standard. There are many of those. If you know, how to decorate a cake, the masterpiece of a home can surprise not only to the family, but guests.

How to decorate a cake at home?

Many varieties of cakes, Consequently, decorate them with necessary, taking into account the combination. for example, biscuits better to decorate the cream. Cakes yogurt, cottage cheese well with berries and fruits. To decorate sand cake condensed milk and jam well suited. Puff pastry loves chopped nuts. A cake of ice cream do not spoil the chocolate, jam, fruits, biscuit, berries.
Fruits for decoration use any, preliminarily sprinkled with lemon juice, that they do not blackened. On the cake, you can upload any patterns of nuts, chocolate, coconut, kiss. To decorate often as a basis instead of the cream take jelly or caramel. In short, Variations on a lot of design, how capable your imagination.

How to decorate a cake with cream?

To decorate the cake more likely to use protein and oil cream. It is necessary to prepare such tools, how sweet syringe and special devices for the application of a cream with nozzles. by the way, syringe can be replaced with a conventional plastic bag with a hole cut in the corner. Since you can make roses and other flowers using these tools, edging cake, different patterns, inscriptions. Ideally, before, how to create an image on a baking, make a sketch on paper or take a sample of what - or photos of cookbook. The cream for decoration, you can add crushed berries or food dyes. and create, because this is the real creativity.

How to decorate a cake with chocolate?

Not everyone loves cream cakes, Many prefer baking, where chocolate is present. Decorated with white and brown. White can be converted into color, adding dye.
The most common methods of, how to decorate a cake with chocolate.

  1. Openwork. You will need foil, parchment paper and chocolate. It is necessary to melt. Foil to draw the mesh pattern. Chocolate poured into a paper bag, wherein an opening is required to penetrate and image circle. Then pull the foil on the board, which is placed in the refrigerator. pattern froze, now we have to move it on the cake, Only very carefully, so as not to break this fragile product.
  2. Shavings. It can be obtained using a float or by cutting with a knife chocolate. It turns out tube.
  3. waves. They are prepared from melted chocolate and sliced ​​into strips dense film. Chocolate applied to the strip and place on a rolling pin, which is then placed in the refrigerator. Double wave can be done, if a rolling pin to link the two centimeter distance from each other.
  4. Leaves. Take natural oak or maple leaves, cause the melted chocolate on sinewy side of the sheet and refrigerate.

To your decorating eventually failed melt mass, Choose chocolate with no additives, he slowly melts.
Now you know, how to decorate a cake. It remains to give a couple of tips. Create your own customized drawings, and do not copy shoplifting. Do not get carried away food dyes, Use them sparingly, To feel the elegance.

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