How to compliment a girl

More experienced men and guys know about one little secret, which helps them to conquer the girls. We are talking about compliments. If you know how beautiful and sincere talk, better yet, if you do it at the right time, it is not one girl can not stand in front of you. But the trouble is, that far every person is endowed with this ability. This article will consider, how to pay compliments to a girl, why they need, and discuss small details, which will help you in dealing with the ladies.

so, why compliments so strongly influences the female half? The thing is, that woman is a very emotional creature, which accepts any pleasing information very seriously. for example, Did you know that, that every other male she sees her potential husband and accordingly evaluates it from this side. Also happens to words, guy only needs to find the right phrases and say their confidence. In fact, there are other moments, are worth paying attention during courtship partner.

How to pay compliments to his girlfriend

Красивые комплименты

beautiful compliments

Make it a rule Highlights, about which forget many representatives of the male half – all should be in moderation. Even, if you are able to express their thoughts is very beautiful and confident, and has charisma, you do not need to constantly make compliments to his girlfriend. First of all, to good quickly get used, and soon you will not be surprised compliment your mate. And secondly, your words begin to take over the empty chatter, you say every other woman.

Another point, which is worth paying attention to, It is the frequent repetition. There is a view that, you should emphasize the good sides of the girls from different sides, it will show, What you are attentive and sensitive person. A lot of guys ask the question – is there a generic compliment, which is suitable in any situation? The answer is no. Think about it, on a planet inhabited by millions of girls, Is there such a word, who would have liked each? Of course, you can do this type of abstract expressions: “You look really pretty” or “you Have beautiful eyes”, it is certainly a pleasure. But she will not feel, that you have found in it a highlight, and therefore will not produce the expected compliment impressions.

Beautiful girl compliments

Sometimes it is better to keep the conversation right words. If you are talking to a woman on fashion, and we are talking about some of the popular actress, sure to emphasize their similarities, it will give a stunning effect. Not in any way do not need to lie, words must be sincere.

How to compliment a girl

How to compliment a girl

It is important to gently talk, ease, in a calm pace, because you no one is driving. Besides, If you are familiar with the partner, Try to pay attention to the details, of which other men do not even know. In this case, you will remain in the memory of the girl for a long time.

Be observant. She had a manicure or a new hairstyle? Or she bought new shoes? Be sure to pay attention to all the little things, because most likely the girl tried to you, and it would be nice, that you appreciate her beauty and elegance. Sometimes it will be useful and traditional trivial, tell her about the beautiful smile and gorgeous color -improviziruyte.

Pay attention to your voice. A very important factor in dealing with the girl will be the, what voice you speak with her. Your voice should be calm, firm and confident. The girl should not notice any drop of doubt in your words, otherwise you will just laugh at. If you do not have a problem with it, you can stop their attention on other points. If you still find it difficult to talk quietly with a partner, then you should observe how others do it. Possible to adopt some of the techniques.

Do not forget about the inner world of women. If all the time to talk only about the external quality, then your partner will think, you know its really bad. tell her, what her fine character, stop for something specific. It will be really sets you apart from the other guys. After all, to emphasize the external quality can every passer, and penetrate only close people can affect the heart and the most expensive.

How to pay compliments. Spontaneity – the key to success.

Your results will be much better, if you would compliment spontaneous. for example, if while walking through the garden you suddenly turn your attention not the girl and tell her nice words, for her it would be very nice.

In this case, do not get hung up and continue to pay compliments, enough for a moment distracted from the main conversation, to please his partner. This will give your words more valuable species.

Proper compliments girl

The most valuable and correct words to be those girls, you will be able to refute a little. for example, speaking about the beautiful smile of his companion, let them know it, that on the upper lip she has remained a small speck of dust. It will introduce a small girl in confusion, but the effect will be amazing. The thing is, that there is nothing perfect, and she knows it.

Правильные комплименты

Proper compliments

BUT, if you idolize your soul mate is constantly, it will begin to doubt your words. Of course, all you need to know when to stop, so you should not say such things: “You have beautiful hair, what a pity, she has gone out of fashion”. These words hurt a Woman, and will show you with a bad hand. Evaluate each situation individually and finding the right words. With the experience necessary phrases themselves will jump out of your mouth, and it will bring pleasure not only to your spouse, but you.

There is one very interesting fact, which has been proven by scientists not so long ago. Girls perceive the right ear far better, than left. Therefore, during a conversation, try to direct the entire flow of information is in the right ear. No need to whisper in his ear, enough to sit down with the rights of girls and start a conversation.

Another point, about which we should not forget. If the girl does not like a compliment, or she does not agree with you, it is not necessary to persuade. Better to back off nicely, than to insist on. All exactly this will lead to bad consequences.

Beautiful girl compliments

And finally, we publish a list of the most popular and widely compliments, used by men. These hackneyed phrases you need to know, but do not forget, that every girl needs an individual approach, therefore it is better to act according to circumstances.

  1. I'm not talking, you're the best girl in the world. But in fact, others are much worse than you.
  2. If you compare with miss Universe – she will have no chance.
  3. I've seen you before.. billeting, I dreamed about you..
  4. I could not help but fall in love with you: in this beautiful smile and beautiful eyes.
  5. What do I need to fight the dragon, to win you?
  6. Looking at you, I realized, why your husband so much hurry home.

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