How to take pictures on Skype


You can take pictures, not only the camera

Not all users are aware of the opportunity to take photos via Skype during a video call. Even fewer people are aware, how to do it. In this article we describe in detail, how to turn your webcam companion (or his) in camera.
First we need to install and configure a web camera. More can be read about in the article How to configure your webcam on Skype. If the camera is set, you can start taking photographs.

How to create a self-portrait

  1. Go to menu Instruments > settings > video settings
  2. Click on the button Stop frame
  3. Click on the button To take a photo
  4. Select the desired image area for photography
  5. press Save stop frame

How to photograph the interlocutor

Interlocutor can be photographed only during a video call.

  1. During a call, press the right mouse button on the image of the interlocutor
  2. Select Stop frame

The photo is saved on the hard disk in the specified folder settings. By default, pictures are stored in C:\Documents and SettingsAdminApplication DataSkypePictures.

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