How to add a contact to a group?

The first step to a successful career is done – you have created a group in contact. Now you need to, so that more people know about its existence. Group promotes the presence of interesting materials, useful links, and popular in the content network.

Since the groups are usually for the purpose of earning, you just need to know, how to add to the group in contact photo and video files. Read carefully our article, and difficulties with placing important content you will not have.

How do I add video group

    1. For, to fill in for the band's videos page file, you need to go to the root directory. Choose “Video”. View it. Click on the “Add video”. You will see a line “Add from search”. push it.
    2. In the Search menu, enter the name or description of the video, you wish to download. Search engine outputs embodiments coincidences. Find the desired file and press on it.
      Press the “Add”button, then update the group page. The video should appear on the wall.

Adding people

When you create a group, you hope, that it will be read, actively comment notes, and the group will get the desired popularity. But it is necessary to promote group participation in it of other people.

      1. For, to add to the group of users need to send them an offer of accession. Make it easy.
      2. The list of friends, contacts, or interest groups, click on the person's picture.
      3. It appears to the right menu, which will be the string “invite to group”. Press on it.

Do not wait, what all 100 the invited user will agree to join your group, but 10 out of a hundred have become Parties.

It is impossible to enthrall people in the group illegally, namely crack passwords, run bots, thus breaking a bunch of rules of social networking. group administrator, caught on hacking, It runs the risk of being banned forever.

add photo

When you try to add a photo, you must remember, that do it in someone else's group will not be possible. Only group administrator can add and remove photo material.

The limit on the number of photos in one group 500 pcs. If you have questions about the placement of images in the group, you need to contact the administrator to contact.

Group administrator can create albums, upload materials and edit existing folders with data carrier.

Adding music

Many people wonder how to add contacts to the group in music files. To do just.

      1. Come in group with. At the top will open a search box.
      2. Write it in a song title or artist name, and you will drop all search options.
      3. You just have to press the “Add” button under the original arrangement.
      4. If you want to fill in the audio file from your computer, select the button “Add music” and fill in with your desired ringtone at the band in contact.

In this article we will talk about the most common variants of the addition of the group in their contact information. If you do not know, how to switch administration, or how to create a poll in a group, you can turn to the social network employees, or get acquainted with the materials of our website for this tag.
We are sure, with experience you will understand, how to add a contact group the necessary data.

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