How to add music in contact?

Music in contact

How to add music in contact

The popularity of social networks is growing day by day. Someone prefers to "hang out" and classmates. Someone to “hang out” on Facebook. But the greatest demand is "in contact". Here you can chat, share interesting links, schedule meetings, and share any music.

If you do not know, how to add music to your contact, that our article is for you. But first, make sure, that we have an account in the social network. To do this, you must change the input fields login and password from the personal pages.

Register your phone

What to do, If the page is not in contact, and share music like? Undergo a quick registration with a mobile phone. To do this, log on to the page, enter the required data in the registration fields, guessed password and your mobile number.

After a couple of minutes, you - the owner of a personal account on the social network "Vkontakte".

Now let's deal, how to add music to your contact?

Step one. Search in the existing track

  • Click on the "record" in the upper right corner of the page. On the next page you will find the "search".
  • Enter it in the name of the desired track. Carefully check the spelling. Due to the slightest inaccuracy the search engine can not find the song.

If music is already available on the website, then click on the button "Add record" and the track will appear on your page.
If desired the composition in no contact, takes his load to the computer.

step two. Fill it with music to touch

Before filling in the music site, interesting audio file author or composition, make sure, that the file does not exceed the weight 20 MB. checked? Let music fill in contact.

  • Select the tab "Playlist" on the home page.
  • To the right of the list to highlight your files will be "+" button. Click on it.
  • In the panel that appears with the button "Select File" find the right folders in your computer, click on the button "Download".
  • A minute later, the audio recording will appear in your list of records.

Now you know, how to add music in contact. The next step is choosing the button to share with your friends, an audio file appears on your wall, and do you expect from reviews and friends "likes".

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