How can I add friends in touch?

Dobvlyaem friends in touch

How can I add friends in touch

Social networks today - the most common way to kill time on the computer. Someone looking for friends, with which contact was lost many years ago. Someone dreams about meeting new people. Others are promoting your business and advertise services.

All of these requirements a person realizes in social networks. In this article we will focus on the most popular network among Internet users. If you want to know, how to register, or how to add friends to your contact, carefully read the, What is written below.

Reasons for registration in social networks

The man - a social creature. He can not live alone. therefore, moving to another city or country, or having the character of a timid, it will be difficult to make new friends. Comes to the aid of Internet and social networks. According to statistics, in the networks of the "Odnoklassniki" and "Vkontakte" millions of people are daily. Someone passionate about socializing with classmates, colleagues or relatives. Someone is trying to work, disseminating information about your company. Someone wants to make new friends. There is also a successful meeting, leading to marriage and serious relationships.

In short, social networks today replaced the lion's share of real communication, help hide his embarrassment and overcome distance barriers.

Registration contact

"Vkontakte" today's most popular social network. Consider the possibility of joining it to its resources.
To start connecting in contact, first of all need to register your account.

  1. In the browser address window Drives a
  2. Click on the button "Register".
  3. Fill out the registration form. Login (address of the current mailbox), password (must contain numbers and symbols, not be primitive or short).
  4. Save to your computer for data input (login and password), so that in case of forgetfulness, refresh your memory.
  5. Drives a captcha (character set, which weeds out bots) and mint on the button "Done".
  6. Your email address, provided when filling in the form will receive an email with a link to the registration confirmation. Click on it. Everything, Now you are a happy user "Vkontakte".

Adding friends

You are logged in and still not understood, how to add friends to your contact? Pay attention to the upper toolbar. Select the "People". You will have to find a table.

  1. make data, that you know about the person. Surname, name, place of work or his age. Press the button "Search".
  2. If you come in contact with in order to find new friends, in the search field, choose hobbies, place of work or study. Expose the desired period or age people. Presses "Search".
  3. Now you need to click on the Profile link order, whom you want to add as friend. Go to its page.
  4. Text under the picture-locate the button "Add to Friends" and click it. The user will be sent to your invitation.

It only remains to wait for the user's consent to make friends with you. Notification of the successful addition of each other you get in your own profile, and on the wall of your page to add a note of a new friend.

If a friend is not in contact

it happens, that man, you are looking for is not registered in the social network. But you know, he liked the virtual platform for communication To send an invitation to join another contact, We need to take a few steps.

  1. Pick up your page click "Invite".
  2. Open fields and fill them. Surname, Name, the phone number, you want to see in contact.
  3. Click "OK" and wait, when the system is to send sms invitation to this person.

If you know some personal details of alleged friend, make them. Then he will receive an SMS with an invitation, login and password, which means, that the system is "in contact" it will automatically create an account.

That's so easy and simple, you can create an account on a social network "Vkontakte", and without suffering the question: how to add friends to your contact, make acquaintance, following our instructions.

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