How to be offline in the contact?

unnoticed in contact

Stay in touch unnoticed

Sometimes a person, using social network, a desire to remain hidden in the pages of friends or competitors. Then the question arises: how to be offline in the contact, It is online?

The developers of this social network can respond to you, that the status of an offline with the active profile can not be included. And developers will be right, but legends, which set free status on your page may, continue to live.

Some ways to be offline in the contact

  1. View contact is through the "My Page", but, eg, the link with other resource. See in touch movies and listen to music, or read news feed is not in his village, or on other sites. Then the system will not recognize your activity akkauta. But actually, "VKontakte" will show activity on your IP.
  2. Go to your page, go to the tab "My Videos". Open a directory in a separate page. In the initial window with the "my page" commit "Sign Out", and continue to watch the video, or listen to music, having the status of "Offline". practice shows, video and audio files to "fly" in three minutes, and the screen displays a field to enter your account.
  3. Another way to stay invisible on the website "Vkontakte" - fulfill all tips for optimizing your browser. These tips can be downloaded from the Internet, and follow the instructions, disable determining their status on social networks. In practice, there are big problems. Or "VKontakte" is no longer open at all, or pages constantly fly. At the same, who did everything strictly according to instructions there is a problem: "VKontakte" system continues to see them.

These are the most common ways of solving the problem: how to be offline in the contact? You can check them out for yourself, or trust in the experience of our experts.

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