How to be invisible VKontakte?

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Invisible Online

The most popular social network in Russia – Contact. Daily on their pages come more 36 millions of Russians. not wise, that someone wants to have the opportunity and privacy to walk on other people's pages “Invisible”.

Sorry to disappoint those users, who are still looking for the answer to the question: as being invisible in contact. But the fact remains. The administration of social network Vkontakte has updated its servers and makes adjustments daily, and a button in the interface of contact does not exist.

Legends about the status of “Invisible”

Despite, that's legal in Contact to become “invisible” is impossible, many users are trying to find the necessary loopholes. There are legends about the number of pages, invisible to search engine Contact.

For one simple trick, with which it is possible to prepare for a long time do not need to cheat the system social network. enough, logging onto your page, open private messaging interface and leave the window open during the 20 minutes. After this time your profile falls out of sight system and you can “wander” invisible.

According to the legend, you can use the system, unseen, until you come to your page, or the second page. In the reality, All registered accounts are reflected in the system, even after long idle, but with the current page.

Another way to turn on “invisibility”: to record the status of the two words “no website”. this method, naturally, too, will not work, because the system sees and captures all the movements and actions of your account.

Scammers and invisibility

In the wake of the general prohibition on invisibility in Touch, the number of scams in this area increased. If you received an offer to resolve the issue: how to be invisible in the contact privately, beware of his.

  1. In no case do not send a personal message your username and password to strangers. Do not download suspicious programs, allegedly providing your invisibility. Best case scenario, with the program you get a virus on your computer system. In the worst – will lose access to his page forever.
  2. Beware of suspicious incoming mail messages. Do not walk on the links attached to this correspondence. Do not be seduced by attractive offers to improve akkauta in Contacts, unavailable to others.
  3. Keep, to the entrance to your page you have completed from the portal

By following these simple recommendations, you do not learn to, how to be invisible VKontakte, but save your page, and the information on it.

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