How to quickly learn the verse

Как быстро выучить стихEverybody knows, learning of poems that develops not only memory, but also abstract thinking and imagination, increase vocabulary, teaches to feel the rhythm of rhymes, and express using intonation perception reading verse. Therefore, in any educational institution, from kindergarten and ending with the institution, always learning and training programs include poetry. To some, this process is given with ease, and someone has to suffer and, to beat him. many different techniques and little secrets just for the second category of people and there, assist and enable you to quickly learn the verse.

How quickly memorize long and complex verse

often particularly difficult given learning more poems by heart complex, sometimes incomprehensible phrases. To learning of such works take as little time and effort, we offer the following tips:

  • Before embarking on learning the, you must parse every line and every word even, written out on a piece of strange expressions and unfamiliar phrases. Then with the help of a dictionary or internet should interpret their meaning, so that they become widely understood. Then again completely read the poem and understand its meaning, visualizing all the images which it says.
  • Then it is necessary to divide the entire poem to complete within the meaning of offer, and if you think, that overpower a larger volume, it is possible and easy on the couplets. After that, start to repeat them several times first, I began to read about myself, including visual memory, then aloud, to join the work and hearing.
  • You can then try to repeat the poem read independently, I closed the book, and trying not to pry. If this fails, you can call for help and the mechanical memory. For this verse or sentence issued on paper and rewritten several times, Simultaneously with this process, you can pronounce unlearn part aloud. Then try again to repeat kupletik without prompting.
  • In order to further ease the task, You can also say a piece of a poem on the recorder and then listen to the recorded, just trying to say heard aloud.
  • After the first part will be overcome, You can proceed to the next part and carry it on the above scheme Practice. Once this part of the verse and the verse will be learned, read a poem from the beginning to the end of the second part and tell them by heart already together. In this way, gradually, step by step, you can learn a complicated verse, even if it is very long.
  • Unlearning is recommended to repeat the verse before going to school.

How to quickly learn English verse

Как быстро выучить английский стихpoems in English Practicing promotes easier memorization of new and old words, as well as to perceive the English text by ear. English verse many seem to be the most difficult in learning the, but actually, if you know, how to learn them, this process also seems simple and easy:

  • first, what, of course, you need to do is to understand the meaning of the poem, for this it is necessary to translate the text and if there are new words, they should learn first of all. Unfamiliar words you first need to write, and then begin to learn each individually. For, to learning of the poem does not cause any complications, it is very important to clearly understand what it is talking about and perceive it as if you learn to work in Russian.
  • After that, as a poem will be completely dismantled, and its meaning is learned, you are ready to learning the. This can be done well, as described in the preceding paragraph, tells how to quickly learn a long poem.

How to quickly learn the verse with a small child

Как быстро выучить стих с маленьким ребенкомKids of kindergarten age, also very useful for the overall development of learning of poems, because, among other things, it helps to improve speech and pronunciation of new words and combinations of sounds. therefore, if your child does not attend kindergarten, Try to teach your baby as much as possible of different products, age appropriate. In addition to small, still can not read karapuzov, with homework require special attention and often need the help of adults, especially when learning verses, also children of primary school, so each parent will be very useful to know, how to make this easier for them. The most effective way to quickly learn the verse with the child are set out below options :

  1. Gradual learning of rhyme, split apart in two lines, as if this song. This is done as follows:, first verse is repeated several times for the child, which is very important in this case clearly pronounce all the words and put the correct emphasis, transmitting the character of the poem by using expressive its pronunciation. Do not forget to find out, all words in rhyme clear for baby, and if there is no, to them, of course, should explain to the kid. After that, as a child listens to the verse several times, ask him to repeat a speech with you. Then sing a line to consolidate and only after this,, the kid tried to speak independently rehearsed material. Same, unlearn all the other lines of the poem. After which it is sung, like a song, It is entirely, first with your child, Then he tries to do it yourself with the help of your small tips, a further and even without them.
  2. Practicing with the help of associations and gestures. This method also helps to quickly learn the verse, and some kids like a lot more, because it is a bit like a fun game. Just as in the previous method, first disassemble the parts of a poem, then in each of the highlighted word or sentence, which is an association of the child, You can also offer your child and your option. If in rhyme have any verbs of motion or pronoun, indicating the direction when reading them also may be depicted by gestures and executing respective movements. After the whole poem will be analyzed and you will read a few times and with the child, at the same time fulfilling all the necessary movements, baby should already begin to tell their own poem. At the same time as hints, You already have to use not the words of a poem, and associations and relevant traffic.
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