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Question, how fast to grow nails concern to many women. Someone displeased with them since childhood, and someone broke them during homework. Change the nail growth rate - perhaps.

Norm nail plates

Horn plates should be smooth, smooth, shiny and pink. Otherwise, the nails are in a state of weeping. It should be noted, that nail growth speed in the legs and hands - different. In this case, the lower limbs are growing more slowly. It is necessary to take into account the fact, that the hands of the 7 days increased by nails 2 mm, and the feet - on 1 mm.structure of nails

If we take into account the size of the nail plate the average woman, it is possible to make calculations, after which time it will be able to recover. Typically, this requires six months. You also need to take into account the fact, that winter nail growth is slower, than in summer.

negative factors

On the growth of nails directly influenced by several factors:

  • bad habits - the growth of the nail plate in the event of their sgryzaniya under stress, grow poorly,
  • work - in the case of, when the work associated with possible derivatives calving epidermis, then their rapid recovery is possible to forget,
  • diet and hunger - lack of necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins negative impact on the health of marigold,
  • before the menstrual cycle - slows nail plate height,
  • Stress - a negative impact on the growth of the nail plate affected by stress,
  • diseases - disorders of blood circulation, endocrinological diseases, impaired metabolism,
  • pregnancy - during the pregnancy most of the nutrients takes baby, horny plates virtually nothing remains,
  • no proper care - applying too dangerous and aggressive compositions polish remover adversely affect the health of the nail plate,
  • household chores - washing sinks, crockery, sex should take place in gloves.

How to quickly grow nails, He knows traditional medicine. It turns out, at home to cope with the rapid growth of the nail can be easily. All funds are divided:

  1. general - have a positive effect on the entire body, thereby rapidly increasing the length of the plates,
  2. local - have a direct effect on the fingers, brush and plate.

On the exterior derivatives of the epidermis directly influence many ailments. such influence, possibly, notice before the other, the more familiar symptoms of a pathological process:

  • normal diet - correct calculation of calories can be achieved with the help of useful products,
  • vitamins - to increase the length of the nails should drink special complexes, which are sold in pharmacies. Their composition must include vitamins D, BUT, Silicon and Iodine,
  • Eating seafood diet, fruit, vegetables and oily food.

Also in the diet to include protein. Sometimes the need to drink cod liver oil and brewer's yeast. In the morning is recommended to drink a teaspoon of gelatin.

Red pepper and hand cream

effective method, which allows to solve the problem, how fast your nails grow, It is a mixture of hand cream and red pepper. For its preparation will need a teaspoon of fat cream for hands, to which is added a small spoon of red pepper powder with ½ teaspoon of warm water. After thorough mixing, the mixture will need to be heated in a water bath and put on the nails. Remove solution should be through 15 minutes. Repeat these procedures are recommended every day. Another effective solution is a mixture of a dining soda spoons, to which is added to one cup of warm water and 5 drops of iodine. To the resulting solution was needed to lower the arms 15 minutes.

paraffin - another correct decision on the issue of the rapid growth of nails. These kits have and for home use. This technique is that, that paraffin, giving heat in small portions, improves blood circulation, outputting toxins through sweat, and smoothing the skin by stretching during cooling. In this way, on the nail plate is moisturizing effects.

Using the toothpaste can be understood, how fast your nails grow. To this mixture was applied for 30 minutes before sleep for the nail plates. The solution is left, if necessary, all night. In this case, the soft hands to put on gloves. Trays of lemonYou can cook your composition, mixing calendula oil and beeswax. Apply the mixture on the nails 30 minutes. It is also possible to prepare a solution of sea salt. This will require 3 large spoons of salt and 2 glasses of water. Keep your hands in the solution needed 15 minutes.

Otherwise effective agent is lemon. His need to be cut, nails sticking into. Otherwise, the juice can survive and make bath. Some of the fair sex is heated for this purpose olive oil. It is immersed in the modified epidermis 20 minutes. If the nail is broken, then advised to seek professional help. In such cases there is a buildup of nail plate to the desired length.

basic tips

experts believe, that quickly grow nails at home, you can use the following tips:

  1. the growth of the nail plate has a direct impact massage fingers. This technique speeds up the blood circulation in the fingertips, providing a large flow of blood to the nails. As known, more blood, the more useful components get nails. For their rapid growth will need to massage every evening,
  2. Paraffin has a similar effect. As I mentioned above, this technique is to apply to the molten wax nails or cosmetic wax. The effect of this method lies in the active stimulation of blood circulation, abundant oxygen supply and increased nail nutrition useful components,
  3. trays for nails - nails like moisture, however, they should be frequently dipping in water. to multiplyBaths for nail plates the effect of additives and their fortress, the bath should be done with lemon and olive oil. For more fortress nails in water need to add sea salt. Dipping his hands in such a solution should be in the 3-5 minutes. After this procedure, you can not wash your hands in running water, because they can get away with nutrients. In such cases, the upper limbs are blotted dry cloth. Take baths with sea salt is necessary for 20 minutes. After that, the hand is applied to a nourishing cream,
  4. special vitamins for nails - for example, Liquid Vitamin E can be purchased at the pharmacy. It is easily rubbed into the net, pre-soaked or steamed nails. Vitamin E can be replaced by iodine. This solution was applied to the nails with a brush. To conduct such a procedure should be in the evening, since the morning, yellowness disappears,
  5. fats - for fragile and dry nails require fats. To do this, you need to include in the daily diet of fruits, liver, vegetables and vegetable fats,
  6. use of different cosmetic - through such improvised possible to accelerate nail growth length.

Folk remedies

There are several popular recipes, which effectively solve the problem, how fast your nails grow. For example, for intensive nail growth can prepare special ointment. This will require 40 ml calendula oil, one egg yolk, hard-boiled and 5 g beeswax. Initially, you need to warm up in a water bath wax. Next to it is added calendula oil and yolk. The mixture was further heated in a water bath with periodic stirring. As soon as it becomes thick, the mixture is removed from heat. The resulting composition is rubbed into the nail every day before going to bed.

Another effective cream for the growth of the nail plate is composed of 30 ml aloe juice, small spoons cream, and 40 drops of each oil: thistles, calendula and sea buckthorn. All components are thoroughly mixed and rubbed into the nail plate.

Grow long nails, you can use oil baths. For their preparation required to heat the vegetable oil: olive, almond, Castor, etc.. It is added in equal proportions and iodine glycerol. The fingers are lowered to the resulting solution at 20 minutes.

Full massage has a direct effect on the nail growth. Conduct such procedures can be achieved by playing the piano or typing on the keyboard.
You can also use a medical varnish, which enhances and accelerates the growth of nail plates. Buy such funds can be for cosmetic stores or pharmacy.

Vitamins and minerals for nails

Brittle and dry nails with thickened edges symbolize the lack of vitamins in the body such as the E and A, also in minerals: iodine, calcium and magnesium. Since the vitamins A and E - fat soluble, so the diet to include fats, especially butter, oily fish, chicken and pork liver, cheese, eggs, vegetables and fruits.
Besides, Vitamin E is found in milk, nuts, seeds, legumes, cereals and other products.

Calcium is found in cheese, meat, fish, eggs, figs, nuts, seafood. Better assimilation of trace element, It contributes to vitamin D. Contained it in fish, milk, oil, cheese and cottage cheese. However, when exposed to ultraviolet rays most of it is produced in the body.

Iodine is found in seaweed, shellfish and fish. A small amount of iodine found in spinach, carrots, milk, pineapples.
With regard to magnesium, it is in the legume, seeds, nuts, sыre, potatoes, bananas, blackberry.
In this way, the same foods contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, who know, how fast your nails grow.

Another important element for the nail plate is considered to be silicon. It is found in various plants. With his lack of nails lose their strength.
Silicon is included in the composition of various plant products, rich cellulose: black bread, bran, cereals, flour. Most silicon is contained in the kennel pharmacy, Medunytsya, nettles, mother and stepmother, and other herbs.

In case of depressions on the nails in the form of points, white specks, fungal and bacterial infections of, body suffers from insufficient amounts of vitamins C and A, and zinc.
Vitamin C is found in potatoes, tomato and citrus. And its many many berries, brightly colored vegetables and fruits. As for zinc, it is in legumes and cereals, including nuts, seafood.

When the yellowish-gray tint, strips or grooves can say, that the body lacks vitamins B5 and PP. B5 contained in cereals, bran, eggs, broccoli. For women, the B vitamins, very important. PP - nykotynovaya acid, which is in the seeds, nuts, white mushrooms, eggs, milk, fish and meat.

Nail care productsThin nails and concave uneven surface means, that the body lacks iron. It is this element in meat, liver, tuna, legumes, yagodakh. It is best absorbed by the iron with vitamin C and fluoride. The last element is in eggs, cereals, tea, potatoes, nuts, apples, Prawns.

Due to lack of sulfur deformed nails. Sulfur is in salads, cabbage, eggplants, port, garlic. For the beauty of women and nails play an important role vitamin H. It is located in the liver, meat, fish, eggs, cheese and milk.
Gelatin - element, avoiding fragility and brittle nails. To replenish the body's reserves of gelatin should be included in your diet jellied meat and fish, mousses, they want. However, caution must be people, in which there is an increase of prothrombin content - blood clotting factor.

Recommendations of beauticians

Hand creamEstheticians know, how fast your nails grow. This will require follow these tips:

  1. do not paint your nails with colored lacquers and other for 2 weeks several times a year,
  2. every day you should use a nourishing hand cream,
  3. used nail polish remover should not contain acetone,
  4. Homework is necessary to perform in rubber gloves,
  5. hands constantly need to be protected from wind and frost warm gloves.
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