How to activate a page in touch?

Once you go to your page in contactee see a message stating, you need to go through the activation process Profile. But how many times do not enter your login and password, enter still does not work. And more terrible, the message may be at risk deleting the account. The first thing to understand, for whatever reason, to access your account has been blocked.

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What is the cause of the activation message Profile in contact

Probably, This error message is due to the fact, that your computer is infected with a virus. In no case do not send SMS to a specified number, because

money goes, and control of the account will not be restored. Get rid of the virus is not so difficult, you need only follow the advice of how to activate the page contact, which can be found on the Internet.

And if you have installed on your computer anti-virus software, it suffices to carry out a full system scan. And then in the contact page will be activated, and the computer in the future will be safe.

Activating with SMS

The most common method is the activation via SMS. For the reason that, that the site's domain has been altered, all users to have the need to verify their identity via SMS. Activate's a must, otherwise the page will be deleted. Another way to solve problems regarding the activation is not provided. And it is not worth believing other posts with suspicious content. Leaders in contact does not charge for the use of social networking. No one will ever ask you to activate the contact page for the money.
Once in contact were introduced popups, this function for their own purposes began to use the crooks.

it happened, which is totally unfamiliar site pops up a window with a message supposedly coming in contact. If you press, then you will find yourself on a phishing site. And in the end user report, that suspicious activity was found with his account, and the page is blocked. But in this case begs the question: how to activate the page contact? To unlock, you need to enter in the field of your phone number and receive the activation code.

Sometimes there are unexpected situations, when page in touch for one reason or another is blocked. Do not panic, since this situation is due to the following reasons:

  • Probably, your computer has picked up virus, which makes it difficult to enter the user's profile, but the page itself is all right.
  • Your page has really been locking, and your friends see a message that, that the page is blocked

What to do when locking?

But what to do in such a situation? Now tell. First of all do not need to panic, and to tear the hair from his head. It's just a profile on the Internet, and nothing terrible happened. Look at the address bar, because, possibly, You were sent to a domain with viral content. In most cases the lock, crooks want to send a message to a specified number or call the number of false technical support. Now people almost do not send messages to short numbers, but many may mistakenly enter his or her phone number into a special form.

It is not necessary to send messages, you thus try to sign on paid services. Everything is done in such a way, that you enter the phone number, but in fact you make out a subscription, which will withdraw money daily.
Also look in the browser settings, maybe you are connected through proxy servers Scam. Download a free virus scanner and check your computer for malware.

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