Internet cheer, consolation, teach, and will make

Unlimited range of possibilities of the Internet does.

And this verb number is not a complete list of useful features for a modern inhabitant of our planet. Impact of the Internet on people's lives is becoming such a huge, that mankind is gradually beginning to forget about his friend, once-favorite child, television. The popularity of the global network is so great, that already the second consecutive year, the advertising revenue of the largest search engine Runet overtake advertising revenues, Get the first Russian TV channel. It just confirms once again the conclusions on the extent of globalization of the world network. The ordinary user of the global network it offers a wide range of activities and entertainment. It offers such network users is always fresh and varied news, weather forecast, cinema news, programs for self-learning and self-development, games, opportunities for additional earnings.

the virtual citizenship of the country.

And most importantly, interactive global network provides great opportunities to socialize with family and friends, scattered all over the world. For these purposes,, first of all, established social networks, which today have become real parallel worlds for millions of people in the world. Contents citizenship in such virtual states today is easy and simple, any user will be able to. To do this, it will be enough to pass very simple registration procedure in the most popular among the Russian-speaking users of social services, "In contact with", «Facebook», "My world", "Classmates".

bring people together, quench their thirst for constant communication and the program is designed to «Skype», It allows not only to maintain a dialogue with the person through correspondence, but also to maintain audio and video contact with their loved ones with the help of a web-camera and microphone. The user need only a little knowledge of the field of possession of computer skills and simple tool.
And how many interesting and useful knowledge for the user to store a thematic forums, which brings together users with similar interests in life, or having similar interests. On these virtual platforms can always learn something new for yourself, or vice versa, share their own knowledge with other like-minded.

Combining business with pleasure.

Their own knowledge of any industry using the Internet can be successfully converted into cash, thereby obtaining decent reward. For such purposes, the most active part of RuNet users create their own websites, or give birth to the network blogs. But it should have a good understanding at the earliest stages of its business activities, what the main product of the Internet, this information. And as in any other kind of business, that achieve commercial success on the Internet, Your product should be useful as possible for a larger number of consumers. It could be movies, eBooks, and even tips from different spheres of human activity.
But you can buy and sell products not only information on the network successfully, but also quite physical goods, clothes, footwear, household appliances, building materials, machines, equipment, and much more. For more than 10 years of such activity is called ecommerce. In this cycle every day is drawn an increasing number of the world's population. because, it is extremely convenient. For the Internet there are no boundaries and nationalities. Within seconds, it will connect the seller of goods from China with a buyer from Europe, or vice versa. The buyer of this will not only benefit financially, but it will save your own time, making on-line purchases. The seller in this case, too, receives a significant benefit, savings on sales costs. Supporting the work of an online store from a financial point of view is always less expensive overhead for the organization of the activities of a real outlet.

total absorption effect.

Internet has spawned a new human caste, as gamers. it's users, which according to the statistical services every day more than two and a half hours of their time, playing online games. Such fun to replace this category of users of the network all the other joys of life. Today it is impossible to find areas of human life, which remained unaffected World Wide Web. And trends in the development of human civilization today are, note that stop such offensive actions of the Internet is not possible.

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