Buckwheat with mushrooms in multivarka

4j45k5554iBuckwheat in multivarka ready to forgive, and mushrooms, it becomes especially tasty.
Calcium, phosphorus, iodine, amino acids, B vitamins, RR, R. Buckwheat helps strengthen the immune system, improves blood circulation, It helps in losing weight. This is a valuable protein product and to the same low-calorie.

Buckwheat with mushrooms in multivarka

To cook buckwheat with mushrooms in multivarka we need:
0,5 kg of mushrooms, 1 PC. bow, 2 multystakana buckwheat, 4 multistakana water, vegetable oil salt, spand.
How to cook buckwheat with mushrooms in multivarka?
1. Mushrooms washed and cut into slices, onion peel and cut into small cubes.
2. On the bottom of the bowl Multivarki pour vegetable oil, put the onion and mushrooms and fry them 20 minutes in the "Baking / Roasting" mode.
3. Buckwheat to sort and wash, pour in the cup after roasting mushrooms. Add hot water, salt and spices.
4. Close the lid and cook in the "Buckwheat / Porridge" mode until the end of the program, stir through 5 minutes, do not leave the mess in the "heating" mode.
5. Serve with butter, herbs and vegetables fresh as a main dish or a side dish for meat or fish.

Cooking Tips:

  • Sometimes, for some multivarok it requires less water for the preparation of various cereals. Then she gets a "gruel". The amount of water may also vary and the variety of cereals.

How to cook buckwheat with mushrooms in multivarka recipe videos:

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