Where is the story of Skype

Skype maintains information about all of your calls, received and transmitted files, as well as all sent and received text messages. In this article, we will tell, how to get access to this information.

View the history of Skype can be either directly from the hard drive, and through the program itself.

Where is the story of Skype

By default, Skype history is stored on the C drive. The most popular to date Windows operating system 7 Skype history is stored at the following address:

C:\Users your account AppData Roaming Skype.

How to view history through the Skype program itself


History of Skype is a digital version of this file

The program is running on the left side, select recent. There you will see a list of contacts, with whom you communicate. You can also look at the history and in the contact menu. To do this, select a specific person and a window will appear to the right number, time and duration of calls.

How to clear the history of Skype

If you want to delete all the information on completed calls, received and transmitted messages, then for this you can use the Clear the history:

Очистка истории Skype

Cleaning Skype stories

– Go to menu: Instruments > settings > Security > Security Settings
– Click on the Clear the history

All messages and all call information is deleted.

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