Where is the history of the program QIP?

ways to preserve the archive of messages on the new version of QIP

During that, when the transition to the new version of the program document QIP, at the prevailing number of users, there is a problem. How to carry out the transfer of message history, which has been accumulated in the course of using the old version of the platform, a new? The need to transfer there because the, during reinstallation, History is unable to survive, and use of archives is considered an urgent issue.

Way to solve the problem with history
To solve this problem is possible, in that case, If you wish to update QIP. To do this, you need to know, QIP where history is preserved. All your messages are stored, as a set of files with the extension * qhf, in the register c:\Program Files……..\History. To save your message history in the new version of QIP , you need to transfer the desired data independently.
This process is carried out manually by. You suffer from an older version of the Registry, in the same register of the new version of the program. There is another version of the transfer. You can use this method of advancing, the program QIP History Converter. This program you can download on the portal QIP. On the same site you will be able to read the instructions for its use, and functionality. And we only need to, hopes, that our help you find the question of, where there is a history in the program QIP and ways of its transfer.

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