Where do bed bugs hide and how to get rid of them

Many have heard of bloodsuckers, therefore the word "bug" evokes the same feeling in everyone - wild horror. They can hide anywhere and to find them, you need to explore every hidden corner of the house. Bed bugs are not so smart, like cockroaches, but they are much more insidious, because their slowness is more than offset by the rapid growth of the population. The female may delay 5-12 larvae per day, therefore, it is important to contact the SES employees or a specialized service in time Click. Bed bugs love to travel., therefore, they gladly change their place of residence and easily adapt to new conditions of existence. In the article we will tell, where they can hide and how to get rid of them.

Klopp, I'm going to look for you!

Determine where bed bugs hide, elementary observation helps. first, what you need to do is to explore the rooms and check the bed bugs' favorite places:

  • Inside the bed - in the cracks, joints, all kinds of fasteners and from the outside of the head of the bed;
  • In the folds of the seams of the mattress. During the molt, bed bugs shed transparent or yellow scales, which is easily found on the seams of the mattress.
  • In box spring and bed frame. Most of the colony lives in the spring block, therefore, to look there and declassify this place does not even occur to many.
  • In chests of drawers, bedside tables, linen closets (inside and outside);
  • Inside bedding;
  • Under the wall clock, lamps, pictures;
  • On the curtains and drapes, especially at the top;
  • On the back of the wall carpet;
  • In the cracks of ceilings and walls, in sockets, switches, under skirting boards;
  • Inside sofas, armchairs. For quality inspection, you may even need to disassemble the furniture, but, trust, it won't be redundant.

Modern remedies for bedbugs

Despite, that bedbugs are nocturnal insects, getting rid of them with the help of night "catching" will not work. The fact, what do bed bugs eat once a day 5-10 days, and therefore, that someone will still remain in hiding. Even if you forget about sleep, you won't catch the whole population anyway. Get bed bugs out of pillows, blankets and other bedding can be used with chemicals for self-use. Modern tools are so effective, what is enough 1-2 application and there will be no trace of bloodsuckers.

  1. Get Express. According to the manufacturer, insecticide will get rid of insects in record time. Water-soluble suspension is odorless, does not leave stains, safe for adults, children and pets. A new generation insecticide was developed taking into account the resistance of bedbugs to many poisons.
  2. Dutch Zonder is one of the best bed bug remedies., according to the majority of consumers. Concentrated emulsion belongs to the professional category, so its efficiency is top notch.. Upon contact with poison, adult bugs die in a few hours., but for the destruction of the larvae, repeated processing is required.
  3. Get Total - no less effective tool from the professional category. Despite, that Get Total appeared on the Russian market relatively recently, appreciated by many buyers. The agent penetrates through the chitinous membranes, leaving insects no chance of survival. Destroys bedbugs, cockroaches, skin beetles and other crawling insects.

Should be understood, that in the event of a security breach, incorrect concentration of the solution and non-compliance with preventive measures, bullying on your own may not bring the desired result. The fight against bedbugs requires special knowledge and training, Therefore, only professional pest control guarantees results for many years..

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