Where the Outlook Address Book?

Outlook – the program is designed to simplify email. To link your account by mail service to this utility, you must do some operations, and only then you can work with the program. This article will consider, where the Outlook Address Book.

Where the Outlook Address Book

The address book is presented to users in a database, specifying the names of all mail correspondents. This feature greatly simplifies email. There are two options, allowing to open it:

  • Go to “start menu” and select “Program”. Here, find the tab “Standard”, a pull – down menu “Address book”. Open the.

    Where the Outlook Address Book?

    Where the Outlook Address Book?

  • Outlook Express – tab “Address book”.

Instruction is quite simple and does not require further explanation. It is also important to know the, which is itself an address book file. He called xxx.wab, where “xxx” is the name of the account, and it is located in the standard path of the operating system. Go to the C drive. Next, open the folder “Doсument and Settings”, here, select the “Аpрlication Data”, and then the Microsoft folder. Now open the subdirectory “Addrеss bооk”, it will be the end point.

Now you know, where the Outlook Address Book.

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