Home Prostate massage

Prostate massage is a very important procedure, especially at home. be careful, because if improperly performed, can cause irreparable harm to the patient. therefore, if you are not confident in their abilities, it is best to consult a doctor, in spite of all restraints. Besides, a person may be biological contraindications to this type of massage, it is necessary to know before starting the procedure.

Very often in men are prostate problems, which can resist any inflammations and infections. These inflammations may be associated with serious diseases, so it is advisable to pass the necessary tests and get tested, and only then proceed to certain procedures.

Besides a long abstinence from sex or conversely an overabundance of it can cause negative effects.

prostate massage at home

If you know, how to make this house operation, you can have a positive effect on the prostate gland, and adjacent nerve fibers. Also improves the function of many processes, the activation of the testicles, normalizes sexual bladder and seminal fluid. It is also proper conduct of massage leads to an increase in potency, and also improves the general condition of the person as a whole.

Home Prostate massage

Home Prostate massage

Another positive point, who will be happy to every man, with regular and correct performance of prostate massage, it is possible to increase the duration of sexual intercourse several times. The effect is increased, if the massage is performed strictly according to instructions, without any deviations.

Doctors recommend to carry out preliminary operations, which positively influence the process of self massage. A few days before the procedure is necessary to make anti-infective therapy. As a result, a person must be sure, he does not have the body of harmful germs and bacteria. If we carry out prostate massage at the wrong time, you can get a negative result, and even more aggravate the situation. It is extremely important to take the correct position before starting the procedure.

Prostate massage. The correct position.

Most often, the patient put in Bozeman's position, but apart from that the patient can take recumbency. In the latter case, his legs should be bent in such a way, to knees were located in the chest area. Before starting the massage, make sure, to the patient's urinary bladder was filled, then the procedure will give a greater effect.

Prostate massage. performance technology.

Массаж простаты

Prostate massage

After the patient has been positioned properly, person, who will perform the massage, He must wear a glove on his right hand, to protect the patient from entering infections. Then lubricate forefinger special or conventional liquid vaseline. Commissioning must be carried out directly into the rectum, then a slight massaging the prostate begins. This process can be divided into two paragraphs.

The first stage should include light stroking. It should be easy movement, otherwise you may damage the internal tissues and nerves. Action should be directed from outside to inside ( towards Zhelezova excretory ducts). It is strictly forbidden to make sharp and sloppy movement of the finger. Important, the patient does not feel pain. Otherwise, it is necessary to suspend the procedure.

During the second phase allowed a more aggressive pressure on the prostate itself. It is necessary to constantly increase the intensity, but all should be the measure. Remember, that the patient should not cause pain. In either case, you are doing something wrong, and can harm the patient. The purpose of massage: carefully promassirovat all male prostate gland.

Now you know, how to do prostate massage at home, be very careful, not to harm the patient.

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