Dismantling of a split system

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Dismantle conditioner

Dismantle conditioner

Sooner or later, many of us are moving into a new apartment. But here's what to do, when you do not want to leave in the same house her old clothes? And do not hold in this case whether the dismantling of a split system with their own hands?

After crossing so it is costly, and then save and turn. Installers are able to remove the air conditioning for 15 minutes, and we are worse? But for a start will not be superfluous to know, how many can manage the removal of the air conditioner.

If we compare all the prices of dismantling, we can say, that the average, to dismantle the air conditioner will go home 4000 rubles. And if a large air conditioning, you will need to order 10000 rubles. And if the air conditioner is integrated in the suspended ceiling, the total amount increases by 10 %.

self installation

If a person is at least at a basic the technical level is familiar with the structure of a split system, he understands, it just will not open it, since then spilled freon, and filling in the extra cost more 1000 rubles. It turns out, that additional tools are required for disassembly. We definitely need a manifold, which starts from the value of 1500 and can reach up to 3500 rubles. And this cost is almost comparable to the cost of the procedure. Cutter worth 250 rubles, but it can be taken in rent. In addition to the price includes 500 rubles harnesses work, because the outdoor unit is located on the wall. And it's all very expensive. But is it possible to somehow save?

air-conditioning device

Scheme split device - system

Diagram of the device of a split system

The operating principle of the air conditioner is not so complicated, as it might seem at first glance: refrigerant vapors condense in the form of heat, then the liquid refrigerant is in the evaporator and the indoor heat is absorbed by all. And that the pump was intact, In many air conditioners in advance is injected pressurized gas. And the cycle repeats. Therefore, we can immediately say, that one of the most vulnerable is the air conditioning compressor pump. If the operation is carried out in difficult conditions, it is the characteristics should be quite powerful. In most residential air conditioners cam vacuum pump is used.

His work is based on 2 or 3-rotors, packaged in a sealed chamber. No additional seals,since all steps are carried out at the expense of high precision machining of parts. No other structure is not able to provide similar performance at the pressure and temperature drops.

And if the air conditioner would be the slightest speck of dust, then all electricity will be wasted on senseless mixing of refrigerant, not cool the room. And that the pump was intact, In many air conditioners in advance is injected pressurized gas .

The indoor unit

At first glance it may seem, that the dismantling of the indoor unit is not so complicated, after all pumped Freon and it remains only to remove himself from the wall air conditioner. But many people make mistakes because of his self-confidence. The design of the slots, in which the evaporator unit is fixed, intended for specialists, the disposal of which has sufficient. In this case, each manufacturer has its own inherent lock system. This is due to the fact, that none of DIY could not independently open the latch. But, of course, there are many ways to open the lock without tools. But there is a barrier - as a second protection acts plexus thin tubes, which are in close proximity to the latches.

Therefore, it is best to entrust the dismantling of a split system a qualified technician. In this situation, simply disconnect the air conditioner from the network will not be enough. It is also important to take into account a lot of nuances, without which the equipment after installation is unlikely to work as before.

First of all it is important to ensure that, not to Freon leaked. If this happens, after installation have to re-fill the air conditioning. But what is even worse, if there is a refrigerant leak, it can lead to frostbite.

Take care, to sponge air conditioner does not absorb excess moisture. This is due to the fact, that indoor batting average humidity is about 60 %, and air accepts moisture level of not more than 5 %. Because incorrect dismantling humidity level rises, and as a result the unit needs to rebuild again.

Phased diagram dismantling

Detailed scheme correct dismantling as follows:

  • Air start mode cold and set the pressure gauge in the low pressure mode.
  • To block the flow of freon, closing the high pressure port. As a result, all the refrigerant in the outdoor unit will.
  • Now you need to carefully monitor the parameters of pressure gauge. As soon as the needle drops to zero, turn off the split system.

In winter, dismantling the system runs a little differently. In winter, most of the refrigerant is in the outdoor unit, so there is no need to forcibly pumping. It will be sufficient air conditioner off and dismantling both blocks. It is not excluded, that in the winter may be difficulties with closing valves. But the problem can be avoided, pre-heating the tap hairdryer.


Do not store the system for a long time in a disassembled state. If the blocks would be air, the tube is oxidized, and this, in turn,, will damage the air conditioner. To the unit was stored longer, in its internal block pumped nitrogen. But to do it yourself, almost impossible, and air conditioning is expensive, and the risk would not be desirable. Despite, that the removal of the case seems simple, it's better to entrust it to professionals.

And the installation is cheaper, than repair, which may be required in the case of carelessness of the owner. Another danger is that, that the external unit is out of reach for the person, and it requires special equipment Industrial climber. And if it is still located in a convenient place, it is possible to damage the fasteners, because of what the further installation will not be possible.

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