Circular saw with his own hands

Machine, made by hand, may be electrically or manually. Sheet metal work is best done by hand, but circular or milling machine is equipped with an electric motor. When collecting a homemade machine raises questions: what material to use for a bed, from which to produce a solid section and a flat cover and any power transmission means can be constructed at home? Homemade circular saw - it is necessary for the host machine, can not do without during the construction of the house.

Circular saw with his own hands

Circular saw with his own hands

Table can not do without!

Circular saw table must be as stable. Rocking the table during operation can be life-threatening. For the carcass can be used kitchen table or structure of metal sections and bars of wood.

The most important part of the frame - a broad and smooth surface, in which there is a slot for the saw. It is made of Plexiglas, Chipboard or iron plate. The thickness of the cover on the table must correspond to the load, and carried in such constructions is attached to it. If the baby will be a lifting table, This will allow easier access to all components of the machine.

Bracket made from a corner, Sticky to the plate. Planck may be moving, but in this case the top of the table should be a strictly parallel sides. The slider is made of aluminum or steel angle, who can not slide on the edges prepyatstvenno, without loss angle. Also skids may be made of wood, but it will make a frame cumbersome and less durable.

The compact circular saw

Hand circular saw

Hand circular saw

  • Diameter round tube 20 mm make a frame U-shaped. On the cross to be a rocker arm.
  • The lower ends are attached to the table with screws. Along the cut screws bent.
  • Put on a horizontal crosspiece of T-shaped lever. To do this, cut lengthwise in half stick, fastening clamps.
  • Hand-held circular saw draw straps to the vertical portion of the lever.

Circular saw from grinders or circular saws

Many are not able to collect a circular saw with a powerful electric motor, a system of pulleys and belt transmission. However, any host certain there will be Bulgarian.

On grinders can impose a round power cutter. They can be used as a power tool for cutting, wherein, without taking up a lot of space. Installation tools is best done at the bottom of the table cover. Any of them can impose a cutting circular saw, Using the machine for finishing is not thick boards.

Homemade circular saw can saw wood thickness of the, which is designed appliance. If the treatment is carried out of thick bars, the motor must be powerful. It is better to use a frame pendulum. Rama brew of steel angles. Its one side is suspended. All the spinning and cutting mechanism are placed on it. Due to the screw mechanism can be adjusted by the second side height. Thanks to this scheme you can effortlessly adjust the flight height drives.

Production table circular saw

Production of table saws requires a clear action plan, since this device a serious enough. Stationary circular saw virtually the same construction. The difference is, they have different height bed. Selection depends on the application design workstation, its size and frequency of use. For infrequent work can be made is not very hard Table Saw. Intensive work on the tree is better to have a fixed and more practical.

Much needed

  • Galvanized or tin sheet.
  • With the help of corner 80 mm with a horizontal flange manufactured crosslinks.

Important! All working parts should not be on the table for more than a third of the diameter. This can cause not accurate and safe operation.

Regulation of angular stops

  • Corner taken over the table length of steel 400 mm.
  • Of the shelves on each side cut two pieces of length of the table.
  • The ends are folded to the bottom of a horizontal letter U.
  • Threaded and drilled a hole in the lower shelves.
  • Having put on the table, focus, bolted.
  • Exhibited positive stop between the disc saws.

Val is better to buy ready, in which there is a seat for a drive. Ball bearings must be in two rows. Pins with wings to protect it from dust and sawdust. Transfer - klinomernaya with a belt and gear ratio, which is selected based on the engine speed and the maximum drive rotational speed.

The single-phase induction motor (of the old machine) the best solution for a circular saw. Three-phase motor can be used with oil - paper, paper and start capacitor. If used industrial motor must be grounded. Voltage - not less 600 AT, the startup procedure until three seconds. Cutting is started after the set engine speed.

When working with a circular saw to remember about security measures - use design purpose and wear safety goggles.

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