What is the host


Host TCP / IP

Most often the term refers to a host computer, working in a local network or the Internet using TCP / IP protocol. This computer has its own network address (IP-address), can have a domain name. Its mission is to serve other computers on your network. Similarly, computer, eg, server is

Host the online statistics

Many websites are set attendance counters. They need to, to the creator of the site and its visitors can assess the popularity among the users of the site. In calculating the web statistics (traffic to the site and others.) the concept of the host is a unique visitor. Number of unique visitors - a key indicator of the popularity of the site. If the site each day reads the same person - this one. But if you come every day hundreds of thousands of new users - it is quite another.

The host process for Windows

If you start Windows Task Manager, then the running processes list, you can see a large number of svchost.exe processes. These processes are a kind of container, that "store" operating system services, and sort them according to priority and the level of access.

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