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It's hard to meet someone today, who has not heard about Twitter. However, not everyone knows that this, and how to use it. In this article, we're a little clarify key points.

What is Twitter

Twitter - it's an online service, allowing users to microblogging. why micro? because, that the maximum message size is limited to just 140 symbols.

Twitter users can post Tweets: short recording, notes, photos and other information, and other users can immediately read them and evaluate. Messages can be of different nature.

by the way, Twit word itself means "tweet", which explains the image of a bird in the logo of the service.

Twitter Features

The initial idea was that Twitter, so that users wrote, what they do or what they think right now. Small size of messages and easy one-click publishing to fully allow you to quickly publish new posts (Tweets).

Now, however, Twitter is widely used by various Web resources (not just news) to publish information about their new material. This makes Twitter a kind of alternative to RSS.

Another feature of Twitter - full compatibility with mobile devices. for example, on Android originally installed applications, It makes it very easy and fast to create and easy to read tweets.

All tweets - a public records, to be able to read any user of the system. However, the service is also implemented the ability to send and receive private messages, hidden from other users. True to send such messages can only be to the readers (subscribers).

Why do you need Twitter

  • Twitter - a great tool for promotion of your blog, on a par with social networks
  • Twitter - a unique way to communicate with different people, even the famous. For, to begin to communicate with any person, You do not need to be added to it in the Friend. Simply "follow" him and comment on his posts. If the comments are really interesting, the person required to pay attention to them
  • Through Twitter, you can share your thoughts with the world, views, joys and sorrows. You can gather a crowd and readers become a star of the Internet.
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