What is a TIC



TIC - it's quite an interesting figure. Ordinary Internet users may never even hear about it, because for them, this figure has absolutely no value. At the same time, for many webmasters chasing high TIC - the main goal of all the work.

What is a TIC

The notion of TIC is used in the search engine Yandex and stands for the thematic citation index. The term is borrowed from the practice of science. When a scientist says work (article, monograph, review, etc.), he always refers to similar works by other authors. Number of publications, which refer to the work of one single author determine its citation index, ie. how often the work cited by other authors.

Yandex found this definition, its application and use it for ranking (sorting) sites in Yandex.Catalog. The more links to a specific site on other sites of similar subjects, the higher will be the value of TIC and the position in the directory.

What TIC sites

Many webmasters create sites specifically for the building TIC. If the site has a high TIC, then it is possible for the money to post links to other resources. And, the higher the TIC, the higher the price.

What factors affect the TIC

The main factor, influencing the value of TIC of the site - it is incoming links. ie. web links, posted on other sites. It takes into account not only the number of links, as the sum of the weights (ie. one reference to "serious" site is valued much higher, than a link from a young and neraskruchennyh resource). In short, TIC to grow on your site, to do so, to the largest possible number of other sites link to yours.

But the number of visitors to the site affect the TIC does not have any. The site may be thousands of visitors, browsing tens of thousands of pages, but will TIC 0. In the same time, on another site can be by force 5-10 people a day, but wherein the TIC may reach values 50-100 and higher.

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