What is Skype and what it is



On Skype today - one of the most popular forms of communication. This service allows you to profitably interact with each other millions of people from different countries, located on different continents.<!–more–>

What is Skype

Skype - program, designed for communication over the Internet. The main advantage of this program over the traditional phone calls are free. ie. the user pays only for Internet traffic, which is consumed in the process of communication. The very same relationship with people, which can be virtually anywhere in the world (if there is Internet) is completely free.

How can I communicate through Skype

Skype software allows people to communicate in three main ways:

  • instant messaging. This type of communication is not much different from other Messager, such as ICQ, etc.. Such correspondence is more appropriate
    Видеосвязь в Skype

    It looks like a video call on Skype

    for users with slow and / or expensive Internet.

  • Audiozvonki. This is a normal conversation, on the phone. The only difference is, that communication by computer (or other device, but not necessarily via the Internet). Therefore we need a microphone and headphones. This type of communication requires a faster connection and consumes more traffic.
  • Video Calls. This is the most popular and enjoyable form of communication. When making a video call, the user can see on the screen to the other party, and he, in turn, User can see. An almost live chat. In addition to a microphone and speakers (or headphones), for this kind of communication is needed webcam.
  • files. In addition to calls and messaging program can transfer various files.

All of these services (including the program itself) available for free. However, for an extra charge developers offer several useful services.

Additional services Skype

  • Calls to mobiles and landlines around the world (much cheaper than a phone call)
  • Sending an SMS to any phone
  • Videoconference with up to 10 users

What type of device and operating system are required in order, to use Skype

Today, Skype can be used on the following devices:

  • computer (Windows, Macintosh, Linux),
  • the tablet (Windows 8, iPad, Kindle Fire HD, Android)
  • mobile phone (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry)
  • television (Skype can be "integrated" into the TV (installed by the manufacturer), It can be loaded through the Blu-Ray player or triggered by a special chamber)
  • home phone with built-in Skype
  • PlayStation Vita and iPod touch
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