What is the provider



provider - an organization, which provides services for the provision of Internet access. In other words, provider - is the company, which connects to the Internet.

Provider may be a mobile operator, the company organizing the urban network, phone operator, company, which deals only with the provision of Internet access.

Many providers offer users a so-called internal resources. So called sites, which can be used free of charge (traffic when visiting these sites is simply not taken into account). Typically, these include online radio, chats, forums, Local news portals and other useful sites.

What is an Internet Service Provider

It is supplier of various services, Internet-related: Web access, Virtual work e-mail server, rent virtual servers, etc..

Depending on the type of services delivered, ISPs are divided into several species:

  • hosting providers (provide virtual servers to create websites)
  • access providers (to connect to the Internet)
  • backbone providers (access provider, which has a huge channel. This type of providers are not connected to the internet individuals. They sell traffic to smaller - channel - providers)
  • channel providers (providers, who buy traffic and backbone network provider and connect users to the Internet.
  • providers of last mile
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