What is a nickname


Nickname help hide their identity

Today, communication over the Internet so tightly come into our lives, that often we talk much more via the keyboard, rather than by phone or live chat.

What is a nickname

To communicate through the network created a lot of resources: social networks, forums, chats, instant messaging (ICQ), voice communication (Skype) etc. I do not always want to indicate your real name. Therefore, many point to his nickname, which means an alias, computer name, nickname, etc.. It can be described in various ways. In a word - it is a fictitious name, which appears to the user on the Web.

What should be a nickname

  • easy to read and memorable (if you want to win a certain reputation in the forum, You do not need to register a nickname as meaningless set of characters, tk. no one will remember and will not learn)
  • the original, eye-catching (not necessary, but it is desirable)
  • unique (or at least very rare, that under your nickname meant just for you, and not someone else)
  • prystoynыm (many services simply banyat users with obscene or vulgar nicknames)

Ideally, for your nickname to be free postal address in the popular service (Yandex, Google, Mail.ru)

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