What is a LAN


Schematic diagram of the computer network

LAN (Local Area Network) - a local area network, ie. Computer group, interconnected.
In Russian, this term is replaced by the abbreviation LAF (local computing network). Therefore, the concept of LAN and LAN equivalent.
LANs are widely applied in various organizations, and in homes.

Which allows LAN:

  • access to the printer, scanner or other device from any networked computer
  • Internet access
  • joint File Sharing. for example, a large number of files stored on the host computer (server). All computers on your network can download the files and work with them
  • multiplayer games. Combining multiple computers will allow users to play each other in a race, shooters, strategy, etc..
  • union capacity computers to solve complex problems

You need to create a local area network

  • Computers with network cards
  • cable
  • Servers and Hubs

Where you can organize a local network

LAN can be created in the office. You can combine computers, which are located in different rooms, even on different floors. This allows employees to share information more quickly, and managers to monitor employees' work.

LAN also created and houses. If a family has multiple computers, it is possible to combine them with each other for sharing Internet access, file sharing and online games.

What is LAN Driver

It's not a secret to anybody, that for the proper operation of computer hardware necessary to install a special program, that the equipment operated - the driver. LAN Driver - a network card driver, necessary for its full operation.

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