What are the key words

ключевые слова

Example keywords (searches)

The term keywords come from the literature. There he is the most important words and phrases of text, who pass it smysl.Segodnya as this term is widely used in the Internet area, in particular, in the creation and promotion of web-sites. Keyword (it can be a phrase) - a combination of the words, which often users are looking for in the search engines. Author Site, who want to attract visitors, insert the keywords in the text on your website. If the article is found a sufficient number of words, then it more likely to be in the top lines in the issuance of a specific request.

Keywords and site optimization

One of the most reliable and high quality ways to promote your site is search engine optimization. Every webmaster is trying to do so, his site was as high as possible to issue a search engine on your request. The goal - the first page (TOP 10), because very few people in the search for information, see the second and subsequent pages of search results. High positions in search engines yield high traffic to the site. The site becomes popular and famous. And it allows you to earn good on advertising.

so here, one of the most important factors, influencing the location site in the search results, is its optimization. Optimization - is the presence of keywords (phrases, which are gaining users in search engines) on every page. Typically, each individual article, "sharpened" by one or two Searches.

For a better perception of the site by search engines need to adhere to the following key words of introduction:

  • text of the article should correspond to keywords (eg, difficult to promote an article about the collie for «windows Novosibirsk»).
  • keywords should appear in the title, podzagolovkah, names of pictures and simple text

However, it is very important to grasp the fine line, when the lack of keywords on a page goes to the excess. If the same article about the Scottish shepherds never encountered the phrase "collie" (Well, there is such), then the user will never find the article through a search engine.

Similarly, if in the article about the same dogs in every second sentence is found "collie", then it is already too. This phenomenon is called reoptimization. This is bad. First of all, search engines do not like these sites, and push them to the margins. Secondly, a rare user read half of the text. Most will close the page after the first paragraph.

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