What is IPhone


Appearance IPhone

IPhone - this is one of the first representatives of the family of smartphones, that started the sunset era keypads of mobile phones and the mass popularization of "smart phones".
IPhone was released by US company Apple. Its sales began 29 June 2007 of the year. Inferior to the functionality of a conventional telephone at the time, he, However, gained immense popularity and status of a prestigious phone.

Its popularity owes much to revolutionary new technology - a large touch screen. Now, To view a webpage, photos, etc.. no need to press a button, By controlling the cursor. Simply touch the finger of the virtual object on the screen (eg, button, links etc) and he will.

Modern IPhone models far exceed its ancestor in terms of power, Feature, and the size and design.

IPhone Features

  • IPhone - multifunctional communicator. Apart from the usual phone calls, it can be used to surf the Internet, communicate in "ICQ" or on Skype, listen to music, watch films, various applications
  • IPhone is equipped with a digital camera, for taking photos and videos. The camera is quite simple, but its quality is enough to create quite tolerable photo
  • Modern IPhone models support different modules for Internet access: Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, GPRS/EDGE
  • IPhone battery can "withstand" 6-8 conversation hours or so 16 hours of music. At first sight, Little. But do not forget, that the machine works pretty big screen, additionally performs the function of the mouse and keyboard.
  • Memory can reach modern IPhone 32 GB
  • The IPhone has a different useful "tools": distance sensor, accelerometer (sensor, which tracks the position and movement of the vehicle in space), ambient light sensor, Multitouch technology to screen
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