What is IP- telephony?

IP telephony refers to technology, which allows you to use the IP network or the Internet for telephone calls and faxes in real time. The technology is especially relevant from the economic point of view, for international calls and for operational telephone connections. find out, what is IP telephony?

What is IP - telephony?

What is IP telephony?


Gateways is a special equipment for telephony over IP networks. The operating principle of locks is, on the one hand it is connected to the phone line, and on the other for IP networks anywhere in the world. Phone signal is a gateway and digitizes it, clutching, breaks into packets, where later, over IP- the network sends. The process occurs practically simultaneously, providing full-duplex conversation. Due to the basic operations can be necessary to build a number of configurations.

The technology of IP – telephony is a link between two worlds – Internet and telephony. Until recently, the two networks have existed separately from each other and used for different purposes. IP- networks were designed for data transmission, and voice - phone.

IP- telephony. Principle of operation

IP phone is a program on the computer or a separate camera, which changes your voice to a number of running audio files. is converted into, on the IP – phone or computer. If a call is received on a cell or regular phone, the stream files in a special node of the Internet is changed to the signal, that the subscriber is transmitted via cellular communication or by wire, making your voice. In this process lies the secret of the low cost of communication. After all, when one channel capacity can transfer much more data in a unit of time.

Benefits of communication

IP telephony has undeniable advantages. Thanks to her, the organization connection with the provision of steps within Wi – Fi zones. IP telephony creates new opportunities to conduct audio- and video conference, calls from a website and receive voicemail.

You can provide a link between mobile users located geographically far and combine into a single numbering plan organizations, branches, centers.

VoIP cheap, a high speed reliable communication. This kind of connection can take advantage of a user, who is not familiar with the Internet or a computer. This type of communication in the future will be the same as an ordinary telephone landline. That's what IP telephony.

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