What is an interactive TV

интерактивное телевидение

interactive television

In this article, we will tell, what interactive TV, and what possibilities it opens.

What is an interactive TV

Interactive TV is different from the usual, the viewer can choose his, what to watch and when. ie. the subscriber no longer need a TV program. He appoints, when and how the transmission of broadcast.

The possibilities of interactive television

  • Free choice. The user selects and pays for programs and films, he wants to see. The rest will not be televised
  • free schedule. The user no longer adjusts to the broadcast program of a TV channel. He points out, When that show
  • Multiplayer games
  • telephone communication
  • Getting news on topics of interest
  • Use of the Internet directly from your TV screen

It is worth noting, that the use of interactive TV services need an appropriate TV (or a special prefix), as well as an internet connection.

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