What is HTML?

Traveling through the Internet can be seen, as different possibilities and design Web pages. tables, drawings, text and additional elements form the content of a web page, which are created due to the HTML markup language.

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What is HTML?

What is HTML?

HTML is born in Geneva 1989 year. Developed it scientist Tim Berners – Lee. Scientists are working on nuclear developments Council, and the language was originally designed for the exchange of important documents.

In this case, HTML should be available for people, which were not skilled in the art. HTML core - a small set of semantic and structural elements, which are called descriptors. Then the elements to get a closer name for us - tags. The advantage of the language is to create a variety of sites, are pleasant and available to users. So, What is HTML?

What is the essence of HTML

  • HTML - it's web page code, through which we can see all the display site. As the main resource used plain text. Text commands create blocks of the site, which the user uses. HTML - Hypertext Markup Language, which is used for programming and arrangement of elements on the site.
  • The HTML language is the language of computer, which is associated with other programming languages, which has its own rules, syntax and terminology.
    Hypertext - a plain text, decorated with graphics, link, multimedia tools and formatting.

Markup - is to insert in the text additional tags. In HTML each tag - a team, which indicates, how to display Web-page browser. so, HTML shows, where in the document header, text, where the location of the graphics and which part of the text should allocate. When using the HTML markup and the allocation of the document will be correctly and beautifully displayed on any computer and browser.

HTML language has a number of advantages. Work on the creation of the site can be performed away from the computer. When using HTML is not depending on the specific program, which at the moment may not be available. When writing HTML text is easier to debug, and if something is not working, to find the necessary solution. HTML also does not bind to a particular program or company.

To the pages were linked to each other, use the links – so-called links. Without links there can be no one Web-site. Link - this is a fundamental and integral part of the site. It looks like a normal text, picture or item. The user in the browser, the HTML code may be viewed at any time.

HTML is processed by special programs, that the user is given the opportunity to work on the Internet. Program called browsers.

Thanks to them, you can view the HTML-code of the page in the form of graphical user interface. The browser can use, even inexperienced users due to the convenient appearance. Now we know, what HTML.

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