What is Google?

Very often, many newcomers among Internet users have no clear idea, What is Google?

What is Google?

What is Google?

Let's start off with, that each server is equipped with a free browser (software for searching and browsing web pages by the user). Today, among the most common browsers can be identified such, as the Opera, Google, Yandex, Mozilla Firefox, Yahoo.

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But still the most popular browser named Google. This search engine is used today 41 billion 345 millions of users. Google is able to index both about 25 billions of Internet pages on 195 languages. This search engine is able to read documents in almost all languages, in various formats.

Word documents, Exсel, Power Point, PDF and others will be easily found by Google.
Known browser was created in 1998 by two students: Larry Page and Sergey Brin. And today, due to its increased popularity, every schoolboy can tell what Google, and that the name of the famous search engine comes from the word «googol», means “ten to the hundredth degree”.

Google conducts its smooth operation with just a few “robot assistants”:

  • Googlebot – Mobile helps mobile devices to find information in the mobile version.
  • Googlebot – Image capable indexroot search user requested images.
  • Mediapartners – Google is viewing the requested web page and determines its contents.
  • Adsbot – Google evaluates the quality of pages.
  • Google Search Appliance (Google) gsa – crawler is a robot new complex Search Appliancе.

Moreover, Google is easy to use is, that the browser has a few software packages. for example, Google Talk allows users to send instant messages and even chat.

Google it:

  • Google Play allows you to find and use all kinds of applications for the Android operating system.
  • Google Adwords supports the development of contextual advertising, to be found by Google users. User-friendly application interface greatly simplifies the process of creating a banner.
  • Well known to all Google Chrome is a “baby” older Google and provides high speed and ease of use of Internet resources.

Now you know, What is Google. Use it with pleasure and improve their knowledge in the Internet arena.

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