What is Ethernet

Today, Ethernet is the most popular network technology. The first mention of Ethernet appeared in 1972 city, data is then forwarded at a speed of up to 3 Mbit / s. Ethernet What is learned in the world in 1973, when Robert Metcalfe described the potential of the new technology to its management.

What is Ethernet

What is Ethernet

history Ethernet

In 1979. Robert created the company 3com, Create a network equipment. In 1980. It appeared DIX Ethernet standard, 3com and has become a leader in the field of network technologies. The first official Ethernet standard was created in 1983. First, computers were connected by coaxial cable. Later widely used twisted pair and fiber optic cables, making it possible to simultaneously transmit / receive data, and the speed began to reach 100 Mbit / s.

Existing Ethernet standards also explain, What is Ethernet. They differ in the rate of exchange, type of building and network cables, the maximum size of a network segment (network length is increased by connecting several cables via repeaters). The most famous are:

The concept of Ethernet

  • Xerox Ethernet technology, where the transfer takes place via a coaxial cable at speeds 3 Mbit / s;
  • StarLan is a modification of the original technology, wherein data is exchanged over a twisted pair at a rate, reaching 1 Mbit / s;
  • 10BASE5 – modification, wherein the speed reaches 10 Mbit / s. using a coaxial cable;
  • StarLan10 – when connecting a twisted pair for the first time the speed began to reach 10 Mbit / s., It was later modified in 10BASE-T (involved 4 wire);
  • 100BASE-T – modification, where the twisted pair cable is used (3 or 5 categories), and the speed reaches 100 Mbit / s;
  • 100BASE-FX uses fiber optics and data is transmitted at a speed of, reaching 100 Mbit / s., and the maximum segment length is 10 km;
  • 1000BASE-T is the exchange rate reaches 1000 Mbit / s., using twisted pair (type 5e), in taking part 4 vapor (segment length - up 100 m.);
  • 1000BASE-LH – the transmission speed reaches 1000 Mbit / s., It uses fiber (to 100 km.).
  • Today Ethernet continues to evolve, and 2015 It was expected to appear Technology, wherein the application speed reaches 1 Tbit / s. For such high rates will need full technical update, and the use of optics fibreless (FSO-technology). Thereafter, possibly, Questions What is Ethernet, will have a different response.
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