What is e-mail

Today, to the contact person data includes not only the home address, phone number, but their email address (email). It is also necessary to specify, registering on the various Internet resources. therefore, almost every email address (and not one). Accordingly, any one should understand, What is e-mail, and how to create it.

How to create e-mail

What is e-mail

What is e-mail

E-mail is quite practical invention. Letters between addressees are sent in seconds, thus it is possible to send not only text data, but also files in various formats (a photo, music, video, tables, etc.).

E-mail is created by the owner to specialized resources, providing similar services. for example, on: yahoo.com, mail.ru, rambler.ru, yandex.ru, hotmail.com and other.

E-mail address has a standard form and must contain the symbol "@" ("Dog" or "dog"). The text before the "@" comes up with the owner of the address, eg, you can select the mailbox name asdf. This unique username must contain letters, figures, score, dash, hyphens.

The address for the "dog" is mandatory should be the server name (domain name), which wound up mail. Vending free email service chooses the future owner of the address. If the e-mail address set up on the server yandex.ru, it turns out the address asdf@yandex.ru.

It is important to understand, What is e-mail and be able to register their:

  • you need to choose a mail server, where it will be stored e-mail, visit this website and click the "create a mailbox" or something like that;
  • in the opened form fill in various personal details;
  • need to come up with a unique username (The first part of the e-mail address), it must start with lowercase letters (most services are prompt login names, that have not yet engaged);
  • for reliable data protection, password to the email you need to come up with a fairly complex;
  • probably, You need to fill in more details in the registration form, where the asterisk marked fields are mandatory;
  • at registration it is proposed to define a security question, and the response to it (password recovery);
  • in conclusion, it is necessary to enter the "captcha", Reaffirming, that registered a real person.

it became clear, What is e-mail, Further possible on site, where the registered e-mail, fill in the form (login and password), and open all correspondence.

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