What is DC?

DC ("Direct connection") It is a client of the Direct Connect network. And for music sharing and search, movies, different programs, as well as virtually any necessary information. DC makes it possible to carry out a quick search of the necessary files and new data on a particular topic.

So, what DC and how to use it?

What is DC?

What is DC?

DC can be compared with chat, in which users are able to connect to the rooms, referred to as hubs (hub). Communication takes place in them through the general chat, through which it is possible to exchange messages with other users,, as an ordinary online.

The difference is that, that hub customers are treated not only to communicate, but, same for, to share files or download the necessary information. You can always look, what other users and then download the files to your computer if necessary.

With the help of the quick search function, which allows to find the right movie or song, possible to scan files available for users, which are at the hub.

Besides hubs, many thousands of users, there are services on the net, who are dedicated, any one niche topic. In order to, download something on most hubs must be, first of all, offer for download, something different. Next, take a closer look, what DC and how it differs from other networks.

The main difference is that, that the network is divided into hubs. Therefore, there is no ability to search for all users, which are connected to the network. This allows you to choose the files you want on interesting subjects, but on the other hand leads to a reduction in the number of clients, which are searchable. In the same time, restriction improves the quality of information.

The DC network has specific requirements, which are shown to users. These requirements relate to the file size and quality. To visit the hub, specializing in specific topics the user has to be a certain number of satisfactory quality files.

Besides, they must be specified in order. At first glance, it's a bit difficult, but, as a result, These requirements greatly simplify the search for.

Chatting allows each user to find out the opinion about a particular file, as well as to communicate with those, who are also interested in this topic. I.e, in fact hub is a social club.

lighting, what DC is not complete without mentioning the possibility of, which provides preview of all the different users' files.

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