What is ctr?

Ctr in translation from English means "coefficient of CTR" click – through rate". The term ctr is used in the web industry for counting attendance banner advertising (For sale ads). After all, it can help many improve their site traffic and simply make money.

Let us examine, what ctr

What is ctr

What is ctr

Percentage change ratio. It is believed, that rates of 0,2% to 3% They are the most frequent, but, respectively, positive. If the percentage of clicks would be less, is your idea of ​​a banner needs some work.

To count on your advertising ctr ctr uses the formula = (the number of visits divided by the number of times your ad) multiplied by 100%. You can see an example: you created a banner was displayed 1000 time, but we visited it all 25 person. In this way, 25:1000*100%=2,5%. This percentage CTR of your banner is considered the best and says, that you are acting in the right direction.

What determines ctr

In turn, a good percentage of ctr depends on the quality propisaniem Titley (title) each banner advertising. The more precise and extensive you podbreete keywords Titley, the more often the browser will display your banner on the site.

An important role in the ratio of clicks is played and the outer shell of advertising: colorfulness, brightness, format and layout. The color scheme also has a psychological effect on the average user.

General index CTR such advertising rarely reaches 10%, and eventually even decreased.
But the main priorities, which may increase your ctr is banner advertising are:

  • Specific and understandable to the average user of the language of the text. Wisdom is to be redundant.
  • Compliance with the most advertising, and the online, on which it is located. For example, It will be much more logical to place a banner on kitchen appliances at the site with recipes and kitchen furniture.
  • The relevance of the banner at the moment.
  • The ability of banner advertising to be viewed on the maximum number of machines. But if the user, eg, It not established a specific program to view your banner, then click, you will lose.
  • The presence of competitive advertising is able to significantly reduce the ratios of your banner.
  • Call the potential buyer at a guaranteed discount, promotions and sales.

So go ahead in promoting your banner and use of information!

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